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What Is Chaga Tincture?


What is Chaga Tincture

Known as an alcoholic derivative, a tincture is prepared from natural plant, or organic substance like herbs, plants or mushrooms.

Effective is a tincture’s ability to draw the medicinal components of the same.

Typically made with rum or vodka for a clearer beverage, chaga tinctures provide a potent, all-purpose tonic.

Can I Remove The Alcohol?

Adding alcohol to natural supplements may seem contrary to health goals, but the amounts used are minimal.

However, if you are concerned, there are ways to reduce to alcohol exposure.

Before consuming your dosage, heat a small amount of water. The water should not be boiling hot, but merely warmed through. Add the water to your dosage and leave it for five minutes.

The alcohol will evaporate leaving the chaga liquid for use.

The fact remains that alcohol is the best way to draw out the potent nutrients chaga offers.

It is a great catalyst, but do not let that prevent you from consuming chaga as a regular tea.

The ways in which you chose to use chaga may be many and varied, but can also be simply a chaga tea bag taken to work to enjoy

The key is to start introducing chaga.

Benefits of Chaga Tincture

Tinctures, or any herbal liquid for that matter, easily absorb into the bloodstream.

It is for this reason 9but not the only) that liquid forms of supplements are sometimes preferred.

Apart from the range of health giving options chaga products offer, a tincture can prove the consumer a longer lasting benefit. Consider alcohol as a preservative. In this way, chaga lasts longer. Use it as drops for a daily dosage, or for immediate solutions in times of stress.

Once the tincture is complete and ready for use, shake it to prevent sediment laying in the bottom of the vessel.

Tincture Vs Tea

Uses for chaga and a tincture made will vary from person to person.

In addition, the time you want to take to make your chaga potion will also determine what you may make.

There is a time element to making chaga tincture. If you have the patience and the time, this may be the way to go.

Whilst a chaga tea is generally made for consuming on the spot, a tincture enables the chaga user to have a supply that may last for years.

Naturally, consume a tincture in smaller amounts.

Both chaga tea and a premade tincture have pros and cons associated.

Whatever way in which chaga is used, the overall message is one of better health for now and into the future. Get some HERE

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