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Dimensions of Health and Wellness

Health is more complex than just eating right and exercising. It entails multiple dimensions. Individuals must maintain these 6 dimensions for longevity of life and happiness. In order to keep a healthy status we need to make sure we are not compromising any of these dimensions.

Physical Health: Practicing healthy eating habits, being physically active, feeling well, resistance to disease, taking care of out bodies, and our ability to heal.Example: Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, cutting back on processed foods, exercising regularly or getting enough sleep.

Social Health: Interactions with others, developing healthy relationships/friendships, adopting to social situations, social bonds and support. Example: Keeping in touch with friends, joining a club, participating in a community event or meeting new people.

Intellectual Health: Ability to think clearly and critically, problem solving abilities, learning abilities, and knowledge learned throughout life. Example: Reading books, taking classes, learning a new language or trade, or working on a art project.

Emotional Health: Ability to express and control emotions appropriately, emotional reactions to life, how you feel about yourself, and the quality of your relationships.

Example: Dealing with the death of a loved one, talking about your feelings, engaging in emotionally healthy relationships, or having high self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Environmental Health: Being more earth friendly, recycling, appreciation of nature and the environment, enjoying the outdoors. Example: Riding your bike to work, walking places instead of driving, hiking, traveling, enjoying outdoor sports or activities, or being involved in community clean up.

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