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Are you experiencing pain or other symptoms and not sure what they mean or what to do?

The healthdirect Symptom Checker guides you to the appropriate healthcare action: if you need to see a doctor or go to your nearest hospital or emergency department. It helps you understand symptoms and possible signs of illness, causes and complications.

With Symptom Checker you can find out:

  • what to do – advice on the next healthcare steps, whether it’s self-care, talking to a health professional, going to a hospital or calling triple zero (000)
  • where to go – information on local healthcare services appropriate to the “what to do” advice
  • more about your symptoms – links to further information about their symptoms, and possible causes, from trusted Australian healthcare organisations.

If you think you have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial triple zero (000).

What our users are saying

Last Thursday I used the mobile site because I had chest pain. The advice given was to go to emergency, so I did. It turned out that I had a heart attack and needed a stent. Thank you. I might have left it another day if it wasn’t for this site. If I had left it longer, I may have had a serious cardiac arrest.

I wanted to thank you for possibly saving my husband’s life and definitely saving him from permanent kidney damage amongst other things. Your symptom checker told me to get him to hospital where they drained 1.9L out of his bladder. You are amazing. Thank you. I have promoting (sic) you to my networks.

Very reassuring, helpful and easy to use. Probably saved an unnecessary trip to hospital as gave me the confidence to treat my daughter at home in the middle of the night!

Thanks for the help. Tick bite on neck swollen up to 50 cent piece size. Put cold pack on till visit doctor at 12 noon today.

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