Saying, “I love you” with A Tank of Gas

The Outraged Eater

How do you tell people you love them? We know that Gwen does it through sloppy joes and unwanted (sometimes uncooked) food. I did it, today, with a tank of gas. This is either 31, or this is love.

In the place where we met – we look and love different than we used to.

My husband has the absolutely infuriating habit of never checking the gas guage. I don’t understand this selective blindness – he looks at the spedometer, how does he not see the gas guage blinking right next to it? Even moreso I don’t understand the selective take on reality, as in, “I will get out of this car tonight with less than 10 miles in the tank and tomorrow morning I won’t have to deal with this it will fix itself.”

Well last night we rolled in – literally – to our temporary home. We’d run…

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