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Real Solution to Weight Loss


A Real Solution to Weight Loss and Nutrition!!!

Losers Welcome creates your menus using an Official Nasa Spinoff Technology. Simply enter into the program a few personal statistics and Losers Welcome will create customized weight loss menus just for you. Losers Welcome has something special, we call it Cheat Meal Technology(TM). The program can create your customised weight loss menus around your favorite treats, snacks, and desserts. Losers Welcome makes weight loss fun and easy and works on all your devices.


Works Anywhere in the World

Losers Welcome’s amazing technology adapts to your country’s unit of measure and works with both the English and Metric systems. 

Bonus Workouts On Demand

As a bonus, members will get access to our online gym. You’ll enjoy yoga, cardio, meditation, even resistance and weight training taught by some of the top fitness professionals in the world. For every level of fitness from beginner to advanced. More about your bonus below!

For Better Health- Beyond Weight Loss

All Losers Welcome menus contain recommendations from the Institue of Medicine, National Academies of Sciences food and nutrition board, for heart health, cholesterol, and sodium.

Customized to Your Liking

If you have allergies, dislike certain foods or you’re a vegetarian, just tell the program. Losers Welcome will work with whatever information you enter, and create your meal plans around all of your food preferences.



Stream tons of workouts to your phone, tablet or computer; Yoga, Cardio, Mediation, Fitness, Weight Training, Resistance Band Training, for all fitness levels taught by leading experts.

(Here are just some of our workouts)

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