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Smart Mushrooms

This functional, full-spectrum superfood blend features six USA grown organic mushrooms scientifically formulated to promote energy, vitality, stress resistance, mental performance, and immune support.

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Supports optimal brain function with key brain-healthy nutrients.


Supports working memory while under mental strain.


Provides antioxidant support and immune system boosters.


Provides the nutrients essential to health and longevity.

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Make Room for Mushrooms

Smart Mushrooms is firmly grounded in the most recent clinical and scientific research on medicinal mushrooms. It includes six mushrooms that have been revered for hundreds to thousands of years. All six are highly nutritious, and together they offer a broad spectrum of health benefits.


The mushrooms in this formula are high in protein and fiber, low in calories and sodium, and contribute vitamins and minerals to the diet. They include glucans, unique fibers that can enhance immunity, provide antioxidant benefits, and promote healthy gut microbial balance. These six mushrooms are functional foods for the brain and entire body.


Leading all other mushrooms in brain benefits, the lion’s mane mushroom contains unique hericenones and erinacines, which can increase nerve growth factor (NGF) in the brain. NGF supports acetylcholine circuits, which are required for focus, memory, and other cognitive functions.

Lion’s mane has shown promise in several clinical trials for improving cognition and mood. Its glucans also help boost immunity and support healthy bacterial balance in the gut.


Here’s a look at the other organic superfoods in Smart Mushrooms: 


Smart Mushrooms offers substantial promise for improving memory, mood, and other cognitive functions. Most of these mushrooms are proven tonic medicinals, offering a great variety of benefits for the brain and body. 

Smart Mushrooms can help increase energy, wellness, and high-level brain performance. It’s the Smart choice for immune and whole-body support!

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