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Spirit Animal Coffee Review

A premium coffee experience.

Review of Spirit Animal Coffee

I recently had a chance to try some of Spirit Animal’s Coffee . They sent me their coffee in exchange for an honest assessment of their coffee. This review will cover everything you need to know to determine whether this coffee is worth your hard earned dollars.

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For more information on the company itself read this blog post.

The coffee is sourced directly from Honduras and they roast and package the beans themselves. Unlike most coffees that use sea freight to transport the beans to you, Spirit Animal Coffee transports the premium beans by air freight from Honduras directly to your doorstep.

The idea behind this is that the beans are much fresher and don’t lose their taste and flavor while deteriorating in cargo shipments. They estimate that the usual coffee route takes weeks before it reaches the consumer where theirs takes a mere 2-hour flight.

The coffee arrived and I was amazed at the packaging of the coffee. The coffee came in a exquisite designed wooden box with the Spirit Animal Coffee logo on the outside of it (watch video below).

When I opened up the wooden box, the bag of coffee was wrapped in burlap and tied with some string. The impressive presentation was unlike any other coffee I have ever had before – I was immediately excited to try this coffee.

The bag of sealed coffee once opened was full of aromatic whole beans just waiting to be ground. I pulled out my coffee grinder, and began to brew my first cup of Spirit Animal Coffee.

I poured my first cup and began to take a sip.

I was impressed by the smoothness of the coffee. It is probably the smoothest cup of coffee I have ever tasted and carries flavor throughout the experience.

It had a fruitiness to it that was very appealing. The blend was of a medium roast and had a unique flavor profile. It was very easy to drink and created a very enjoyable coffee drinking experience.

I would definitely recommend Spirit Animal Coffee. The experience is what makes this cup of coffee so good and you can’t duplicate what Spirit Animal Coffee is doing. The coffee tastes great, and you feel like you are brewing something special when you open the bag. If you are a true coffee lover, you must try Spirit Animal Coffee.

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