FINALLY! A Female Urologist Who “Gets It!”

Do you know what’s more terrifying than having a soaking-wet accident in public?

Lady with her Doctor
Lady with her Doctor

For many women, it’s discussing uncomfortable female issues with male urologists.

That’s why Dr. Lauren Schulz (DO) chose to become a medical professional, specializing in women’s health and urological disorders.

In fact, Dr. Schulz is 1 of 500 female urologists in the world.“I fell in love with the field of urology because there were a lot of sensitive topics that needed to be discussed. And what’s missing in urology is female physicians”– Dr. Lauren Schulz

It’s easy to talk with Dr. Schulz about your uncomfortable incontinence issues.

And luckily, you don’t have to visit her practice in
Manhattan, New York to let her serve you.

Dr. Schulz is On Your Team!

If you’ve ever been too scared to seek medical help… all because the thought of talking about your personal health issues was just too embarrassing… you’re not alone!

Fortunately, speaking with Dr. Schulz is an easy, comfortable and pleasant experience.

Try it Now!

You see, when you try Confitrol24 today, it’s just as if you went to see Dr. Schulz yourself, in person. Because after hearing about your situation, she would only offer you evidence-based solutions that you feel comfortable trying.

And since Confitrol24 is 100% natural (without any reported side-effects)… and…this formula is backed-up with amazing clinical results… Dr. Schulz would recommend Confitrol24 to you.

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