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Hello New Me:

A Daily Food and Exercise Journal to Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself.

Be healthier. Be in better shape. Be happier. Give it a try, see the results!

Hello New Me food and exercise journal for women is your perfect daily companion on the journey to become the best version of yourself!

You will love it. It is cute, simple, clear, easy to use, and very organized. Now you can keep track of what you eat, how active you are, your habits, and evaluate what you can change about your diet and daily routines.

Hello New Me will be your convenient diary and motivating planner during your next 90 days (the standard time span for a weight training program).

Hello New Me allows you to:

How is this improved “Hello New Me” 2022 edition (based on your feedback) even better?

Why are food diaries so effective as a weight loss tactic?

Writing down and seeing your daily food intake gives a better perception of how much you actually eat. Studies show that tracking and planning your meals for a week or more yields the best results, but even recording your nutrition for one day can make a difference.

Journal notebooks help you identify both your good habits (for example choosing healthy nutritious snacks) and your bad habits (for example drinking mostly sugary drinks).

Get Hello New Me now and set yourself up for success on your way to more fitness, health and weight loss.

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