Balanced Positivity: Tips for Looking and Feeling Your Best

Whether you’re experiencing feelings of stagnation, low self-esteem or poor physical health, it’s always possible to adjust your routine and find a positive balance in your life. Here are a few tips to get you started.


There are few lifestyle factors that inform physical and mental wellbeing as prominently as diet. Switching to fresh, home-cooked food can quickly affect your mood, energy levels, sleeping pattern and body weight. If you haven’t already, try to cultivate a list of recipes that you can bulk cook throughout the week to help you save money and ensure healthy consumption on days when you’re low on time or energy.


Millions of people sleep poorly and are affected by a sleep disorder. Put simply, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to getting shut eye – to help with this, try to adjust your evening routine to benefit restful sleep. You can do this by putting screens away, taking up reading, lowering sugar/caffeine intake and practicing breathing exercises that will lower your heart rate to prevent anxiety.


Clutter can be more than just a physical eyesore; it can also be a source of stress and anxiety. When our living spaces are cluttered, it can make us feel like we’re not in control of our lives. This can lead to feelings of negativity, insecurity, and self-doubt. Decluttering can help to boost your mental health by giving you a sense of control and orderliness. It can also help to increase your self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment. In addition, decluttering can reduce stress levels and improve concentration and focus.


For many of us, work is a major source of stress and can affect our moods in and outside the office. If you find your current profession is no longer challenging or overly stressful, it might be a good idea to switch careers. Upskilling is now easier than ever, thanks to remote learning – it’s even possible to earn a master’s degree whilst working full-time or managing family obligations. The right institute could improve your skills in economics, accounting, corporate finance, marketing, human capital management, strategic planning, research or statistics, thus giving you the opportunity to earn more or transition to a more enjoyable line of work. When searching for a school, just be certain to carry out a background check and ensure they are properly accredited.


No matter how out of shape or out of practice you might be, it’s never too late to start a fitness routine. Start with small steps, collecting your shopping rather than ordering it in, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for walks during your lunch break. You can then work your way up to more exhaustive activities – when you’re ready, team sports can be a great way to force yourself to exert energy, especially when your buddies are relying on you to do so.

Social Life

The people we surround ourselves with are crucially important for our mental wellbeing. If you’ve been feeling low lately, make sure to reach out to friends or family who you know will provide you with positivity and laughter. If you’re in a time in your life where good company isn’t readily available, social media and public groups can provide a platform in which to make new friends. Try joining clubs or social groups where the people in attendance share your interests or hobbies.


Sometimes, our problems are deeply ingrained and a few lifestyle alterations won’t address the internal issue. In this eventuality, it may be necessary to seek out professional support. Online therapy provides a secure, private and less committed alternative to in-person therapy. The right practice will provide you with a wide variety of licensed therapists to choose from, and some may even offer free preliminary consultations to ensure you find the right match.

Self-care is often a simpler process than we give credit. If you can keep a healthy home and manage your body, diet, hobbies and mental health in a balanced manner, you’ll soon be feeling better and firing on all cylinders.

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