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Are you addicted to sex? 7 Inquiries to Pose to Yourself.

  1. What Is Addiction to Sex?

Excessive dependence on sex, likewise called hypersexuality, sexual impulse, or urgent sexual way of behaving, is a failure to control sexual considerations or ways of behaving that adversely influence your life. On the off chance that you’re a sex fiend, you might end up having sexual dreams, contemplating sex, or feeling headed to take part in sexual ways of behaving in any event, when it’s unseemly. Sexual compulsions may result in serious problems with one’s finances, health, or legal situation.

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Pose yourself the accompanying ten inquiries to find on the off chance that dependence on sex may be an issue for you.

2. Do you think you’re losing control?

Sex addicts frequently feel like they can’t control their sexual urges. Do you frequently engage in sexual behavior or have sexual thoughts at inappropriate times that you wish you could stop? It could be an indication that you struggle with an addiction to sex.

3. After sex, do you feel guilty?

Do you feel guilty, shame, or remorse after having sex or engaging in other sexual activities like masturbation, cybersex, phone sex, or watching pornography? Many sex junkies urgently participate in sexual exercises and afterward experience gloomy sentiments towards themselves after they’re done.

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4. Do You Stay discreet?

A great many people need to keep their sexual coexistence hidden, yet concealing your sexual ways of behaving out of responsibility or disgrace might mean you battle with dependence on sex. Even from their spouses or sexual partners, many sex addicts attempt to conceal the intensity and frequency of their sexual fantasies and behaviors.

5. Do You Utilize Sex to Get away?

Assuming you routinely participate in sexual way of behaving to numb pessimistic sentiments, you might battle with fixation on sex. Many sex addicts say they use sex to deal with low self-esteem, numb feelings of depression or anxiety, or escape traumatic memories. It could be a sign that your sexual behavior is becoming problematic if you are using sex as a means of escape.

6. Do You Burn through Cash on Sex That You Don’t Have?

Burning through exorbitant measures of cash on porn, telephone or visit lines, strip clubs, or sex laborers is normal among sex fiends. It’s not a problem for many people to spend money on sexual goods or services. However, if you find that you are borrowing money or spending more money than you can afford, this could be a sign of a more serious problem, such as a sex addiction.

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7. Could it be said that you are Engrossed With Sexual Contemplations?

Thoughts and fantasies about sexual activity are common, those who experience sexual compulsion frequently experience the feeling that they are unable to think of anything else. Sex addiction can be indicated by falling behind in school or work, or by being unable to concentrate on activities you used to enjoy.


If you believe you may be struggling with sex addiction, it’s important to seek professional help from a therapist or counselor specializing in sexual addiction. They can provide an accurate diagnosis, offer guidance, and recommend appropriate treatment options tailored to your specific needs.

Treatment for sex addiction often involves a combination of therapy, support groups, and sometimes medication. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy are commonly used to explore the underlying factors contributing to the addiction, develop coping mechanisms, and work towards healthier behaviors and relationships.

Remember, seeking help and support is a positive step towards understanding and managing any challenges you may be facing. It’s important to reach out to qualified professionals who can offer guidance and assistance based on your specific situation.

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