Scientific Proven: 5 Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process

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Genetics play a role in aging well. However, what we eat and how we live also have a role. We dug deeper into the healthiest foods to consume to look and feel younger, but we also wanted to explore how lifestyle aspects like exercise and socializing played a role. Listed below the 5 healthy tips to slow down the aging process.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise increases telomere length, lifespan, & lowers diseases according to the experts.

While all forms of exercise are beneficial to your health and cognitive performance, endurance training is particularly effective at reducing the aging process.

Here are some examples of endurance exercises:

Swimming and aquatic exercise (particularly beneficial if you have joint pain that makes other types of exercise difficult)

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling

Your strategy of action: Set a goal of 20 minutes of exercise per day.

Fasting On Alternate Days

It may sound counterintuitive, but studies in lab animals have showed that reducing calorie intake by 20 to 50%—at least on occasion—is associated with much longer life spans and improved health indices. The link isn’t completely understood, but one idea proposes that when the body has less food to metabolize, it produces fewer inflammation-inducing free radicals. Fasting, cycling & healthy eating, fasting assist in increasing the activity of sirtuins, which have been termed “longevity genes” due to their involvement in recruiting other cells to repair damaged DNA and restore cell viability. A rigorous human clinical investigation discovered that even a 12% reduction in calories, on average, was associated with a considerable reduction in the risk of age-related disorders such as diabetes and heart disease when compared to controls.


Reduce Your Stress

Avoiding continual, heightened stress is one of the quickest ways to add years to one’s life. High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, headaches, weariness, stomach and sleep issues, not recovery of physical injuries, a weakened immune system, and other illnesses have all been related to stress. Finding techniques to deal with stress will improve one’s general well-being.

The following stress reduction techniques you can follow for stress reduction:  

  • Relax and cultivate mindfulness.
  • Get some fresh air by going outside.
  • Exercise
  • Speak with a trusted friend or family member.
  • Obtain a massage
  • Take on a fun project.
  • Begin a gratitude notebook.

Trying several of these strategies at once can be intimidating. Simply starting with one can be really beneficial and provide some relief. The goal is to reduce stress levels, even if only little, as this will assist restore vitality and health to one’s life. 

Healthy Diet

Remember that what you put into your body has an impact on the appearance of your skin. Unhealthy food choices can cause havoc, so aim to limit your intake as much as possible. This is the reason. Sugar is harmful to your health because it alters critical proteins in our body. When these proteins build up, they might cause wrinkles and energy loss. So, if you want your skin to be its healthiest and most beautiful, make sure to eat enough of colorful veggies, olive oil, and healthy fats.

Making Social Relationships

Human interaction is essential for our health, and our cells are no exception. The experts said after extensive research that the people with fewer social relationships or interactions have more level of stress rather socially interact people. So, try to keep in touch with people or find the ones with whom you can share yourself without any hesitation.

Putting It All Together

We just went through five key areas that can help you feel more energized, healthy, and counteract the aging process. This information can be daunting, and one may be unsure where to begin. The trick is to pick one or two of these ideas and apply them into your everyday practice. Others can be added once those have become a habit. So, start slowing down the aging process right now!

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