Physical Appearance

  Lifespan and Physical Appearance   The average life span of men and women is 80 years, give or take a few years.  The painful truth is, a significant number of men and women look and feel 80 before they even make it to the first half of their life!  You spot the tell-tale signs from … Continue reading Physical Appearance

Vitamins Good For You?

  Are vitamins really that good for you? We look at which supplements are worth taking.   Many of us take one supplement or another every day, and we might be more encouraged to do so at this time of year – but are they really doing us any good? Here’s all you need to … Continue reading Vitamins Good For You?

The Very Best Protection

AUGUST 21, 2017 Hello, The very best protection. God has given us what we need for protection. When it comes to dealing with any of the nasties that we may encounter nature is always best at dealing with nature. Lots of people have wasted lots of time and money on trying to come up with … Continue reading The Very Best Protection

Hair Restoration

When the home remedies and other traditional methods for hair restoration do not work, it is the time to consider the best ever natural hair restoration technique, “Hair Transplant”. If you are a victim of prolonged hair fall condition, the only option that would satisfy you the most is hair transplantation. However, the selection of … Continue reading Hair Restoration


SUMMER 2018 IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER ! And we have the hottest quick tip to get your summer body in shape and on point! Yep; that's right all the way super on point!  15 Minute Jump rope routine No wonder all of the boxers use this free source of body power and get right! The … Continue reading SUMMER WORK OUT PLAN ALL SUMMER