Things You Do not know About Starbucks


Coffee is now a part of our everyday routine and when it comes to coffee, then Starbucks is what we are obsessed with.  It is not for the instance frapp flavors, or a cappuccino or brewed coffee, it is about the obsession and love we have for Starbucks. The comfy armchairs and free Wi-Fi is never the less is the best ambience to enjoy your morning or evening coffee.

The Beginning:

The very first Starbucks store opened in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  According to a Starbucks press representative, back in 1971 when the company first started brewing beans in Seattle, the initial brand logo design was brown in color. Moreover, it stayed brown along with the text, “Starbucks Coffee and Tea” and a fuller-bodied shot of the siren, until 1987.

The First Logo Design:

The first logo design for Starbucks was a brown iconic mermaid look being an affordable logo design of that time . The logo design was luring to you to buy a coffee softly and subtly until 1992 when the mermaid morphed into a new logo design.

Why A Mermaid Logo Design?

We all have this question in mind when looking at the old logo design of Starbucks perhaps it is because they felt that the mermaid logo design was attractive or they wanted to hang onto the brand idea of “luring people to coffee” that the founders first envisioned.

The other idea is that a mermaid is a symbol to represent the sea and coffee because sea is the best moment one can enjoy, or the mermaid is a universal symbol and one that is tied to ancient fables, mythology, and stories. Starbucks is a place where people can feel free to tell their stories, be themselves, and share ideas with friends.

Change in Logo Design:

The initial logo design looked great on their time and was more historic, but when the business started to grow the logo design did not look well with the idea of the business that is coffee, tea and frapps, so the brand followed with fresh and modern look while still upholding the overall look of the logo design.

The Journey of Starbucks:

The history of the Starbucks brand has its roots in ancient literature and history, and it shows. Upon viewing the logo, customers are automatically drawn to the mermaid, a universal symbol of beauty, freedom, and intrigue.

Why A Professional Logo Design?

The use of professional graphics can increase the credibility and help people to understand the significance of your business.  Creating professional design let you gain the respect of your target audience, especially if you have customers that love and enjoy seeing colorful and attractive designs.

Key Aspects of a Logo Design:

About Your Brand:

When you create a logo design, you need to include the primary characteristics and strengths of your company and the message you want to communicate to your audience.

Quality Designs:

Your logo design must have a high-quality aspect to your brand because good branding creates a sales magnet for your brand and get you good sales conversions. By associating quality and “story” with their logo and branding, they were able to pull in thousands of loyal customers with their branding.

Wrapping Up,

When you think about your brand, what image immediately comes to mind? Yes, a logo design along with the products and services that the brand offer.Just remember that your logo design is not the only thing that helps you monetize your brand and create a brand out of a company. A logo design solely does not represent your brand; it has to be accompanied with other branding elements.

By: Loius Martin


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