Healthy meal ideas the whole family will love Cooking easy meals for the entire family can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to ensure that they’re healthy. But it is possible if you focus on simple recipes and don’t put pressure on yourself to make everything perfect, says Daphne Oz,  a cookbook author and MasterChef Junior judge. “The kitchen, to me, is actually a place to … Continue reading Healthy meal ideas the whole family will love

Night Eating Syndrome

What Is Night Eating Syndrome? a hungry girl opens the fridge Night eating syndrome (NES) is a condition that combines overeating at night with sleep problems. With NES, you eat a lot after dinner, have trouble sleeping, and eat when you wake up at night. Symptoms If you have NES, you eat at least a quarter of your daily … Continue reading Night Eating Syndrome


BY ASAP SKINNY Are you trying to lose weight? Or just simply trying to eat more healthy? Nobody's perfect when it comes to eating healthy 24-7. However, it is best to be informative and know which foods you should avoid during your weight loss journey. Remember - starvation does not equal weight loss! But rather, it … Continue reading FOODS TO AVOID DURING WEIGHT LOSS