There is nothing worse than a stale cup of coffee. Every time one of those big containers of coffee is opened, the grounds it contains are on the fast-track toward a lousy beverage. Most coffee grounds are stored in large bags or tin containers in a kitchen, pantry, or closet. When exposed to light or … Continue reading SHOULD YOU BE GRINDING YOUR COFFEE?

All about Patient Experience

Experience is an emotion that lasts forever; make sure you create a good one for your patients! What exactly is patient experience? We live in a world where customer experience & their review/feedback reigns supreme. The healthcare industry has begun to witness the same processes and outcomes through a similar lens. For instance, consider hospitals … Continue reading All about Patient Experience

Apple Cider Vinegar

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar? Apple cider vinegar is largely apple juice, but the sugar in the juice is converted to alcohol when yeast is added. Fermentation is the term for this procedure. The alcohol is converted to acetic acid by bacteria. This is what gives vinegar its sour flavour and pungent odour. Apple cider … Continue reading Apple Cider Vinegar

Unspoken Gift-Giving Etiquette

Is it ever OK to not give a gift at all? Although gift-giving etiquette is different around the world, it is customary in almost every country to exchange gifts on certain holidays or to give someone a present on their birthday. Gifts may also be given when someone gets a promotion or graduates from high … Continue reading Unspoken Gift-Giving Etiquette

Digestive Enzymes: A Brief History

Most of us don't give our digestive systems much thought unless they're malfunctioning. We bite, chew, swallow, and then forget about it, as though the important work is finished. But that's when our bodies kick into high gear, releasing digestive enzymes to break down the meal we just ate. Digestive enzymes are proteins that help … Continue reading Digestive Enzymes: A Brief History