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It is often described by poets that a mother’s love is the purest form of love. While everything can be measured and evaluated, there stands a mother’s love for her child that is unmoved, unbiased and pure. Motherhood is the gift that the God has given to a woman. It is her after the God who can nurture life, and what greater gift can anyone have!


While many women give birth and experience the rollercoaster rise that raising children is, there are some women who face the hard way. Some women cannot conceive through the natural process of reproduction. It is either the woman or the man who have a sterile reproductive system which makes the couple infertile.


Infertility is not a newfound problem. However, several pieces of research have revealed that the number of infertile couples has increased tremendously over the years. The change in lifestyle has the lion’s share in the increase in infertility. The fast-paced life, the penetration of technology, smoking and alcoholism, adulteration of food, and irregularity in meals are some of the reasons that lead to an imbalance in hormones and thus have an impact on the reproductive system leading to infertility.


In today’s age infertility is a real problem which is becoming common more and more each day. When couples find out about their infertility, it is either too late to be cured, or the couple is traumatized to the extent that they have lost faith in themselves and given up the dream of having their child. Infertility has a significant impact on the couple.


If you talk to any of the couples in any IVF center in Mumbai or anywhere across the globe, you’ll know how stressful it is to deal with infertility. It is a stigma that stays with them for life. Many couples lose focus in their life, get into depression and some couples even separate. The effect of infertility is much more than just bodily incapability.


To such a couple who are facing trouble conceiving through the natural process of intercourse, IVF is silver lightning in the dark clouds. In Vitro Fertilization is a technique in which a sterile couple can give birth to their baby. IVF is a process of extracting the eggs and the sperms from the female and the male respectively, combining them in a laboratory to form embryo and them inseminating the embryo in the uterus of the woman.


There are several reasons why IVF is the ray of hope for the couple across the globe. Let’s go through all those reasons and understand how IVF treatments are a boon to couples:

  1. Women who have any of the following issues can benefit from IVF treatment and experience motherhood:
  • Damage or ruptured fallopian tube
  • Issues with the uterus
  • Have endometriosis
  • Have had miscarriages in the past are now having problems in holding the fetus again
  • Have irregular ovulation
  • Have a disturbed menstrual cycle or PCOS
  • Have gone through cancer treatment or treatment of any other terminal disease
  • Have unhealthy eggs
  • Or any other unidentified reason for infertility


  1. Infertility in men is an equally common phenomenon as in women. Men facing sterility due to any of the following reasons benefit through IVF.
  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility
  • Erectile dysfunction


  1. Couples of the same gender can also give birth through IVF. Female couples can take sperms from a male donor and give birth to a child while male couples can opt for surrogacy.
  2. IVF treatments have shown success in older couples also. Fertile women over 40 years of age, who have less probability of conceiving or have low-quality eggs can also get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.
  3. Couples can choose the time they want to get pregnant. Through IVF technique, the eggs and the sperms can be preserved. Through different techniques of IVF, a woman can preserve her eggs while she is in her twenties and can plan her pregnancy in her late thirties. This is done because the sperm quality decreases with increasing age.
  4. If a woman has a history of miscarriage and is skeptical that she will have issues in the later stages in her pregnancy, IVF comes to the rescue. The couple can opt for surrogacy. In surrogacy, although the surrogate mother will be carrying the baby for nine months, the biological mother of the child will be the intending mother and not the surrogate.

IVF centers in Mumbai are flooded with visitors from across the globe. India is seeing a significant increase in the number of IVF centres and is emerging as a global centre for IVF and surrogacy. There are continuous advancements in the field, and the IVF success rate is increasing gaining people’s trust, and many people are looking at IVF as a trusted alternate pregnancy method.


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Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

7 Things Adults Can Do To Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

It is good to care for your skin and even invest heavily if you have the means. But for you to enjoy a healthy aging process and remain in good health, you must ensure everything is well with you in the inside. Your blood pressure and other internal organs should be functioning well.

As you age, consider setting up a plan to maintain your blood pressure levels. High blood pressure can damage vital organs in the body such as the heart, kidney. That is why you should show more concern now that everything seems fine. Let’s take a look at simple ways you can maintain a healthy blood pressure levels as you age.

  1. Monitor your blood pressure regularly

High blood pressure or hypertension is called a “silent killer” because it doesn’t give obvious signs. But regularly checkup will enable you to spot any irregularity in your blood pressure level and take the best action. And the good thing is you can check to know your blood pressure levels at home even when you consult a blood pressure chart.

However, you can arrange for a medical pressure to come to your home. You do not need to rely on doctor’s appointment all the time. In fact, some scientists from the University of Oxford discovered that individuals who had hypertension that were able to check their blood pressure at home, got theirs reduced by over 3.2mmHg than those who relied only on appointments.

  1. Don’t joke with high-fiber foods

Being overweight is one of the culprits of high blood pressure. So, losing weight and keeping fit shouldn’t be all about looking good for your spouse. You need to ensure your blood pressure is kept in healthy levels always. Consume high fiber foods such as raspberries, pears, chickpeas and black beans every single day. These foods may not lower your blood pressure directly, but can make you feel full for a long time when consumed, thus helping you to prevent being overweight.

Other high fiber foods:

  • Lentils
  • Avocado
  • Guava
  • Barley
  • Almonds
  • Broccoli
  • Chia seeds
  • Swiss chard
  • Brussels sprouts

Note: Use these high fiber diets to fill every meal you eat. But also remember to take enough water so you can maximize the benefits.


  1. Eat more potassium rich foods

Whether you have high blood pressure or not, you can still benefit from eating foods rich in potassium like sweet potatoes, spinach and avocado. Report from a study conducted in USC explains these foods are capable of releasing enough potassium into the system which prompts both kidneys to discard more salts.

Other benefits potassium rich foods offer

  • Prevents muscle cramping
  • Relaxes blood vessels walls

Other potassium rich foods

  • Banana
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Kiwi
  • Cantaloupe
  • Water chestnut
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Nectarines



  1. Make the Switch to herbal tea

Researchers at Tufts University discovered that herbal teas, especially those that have some hibiscus in them, can lower blood pressure levels. They believe the presence of phytochemicals which the ingredients contain, helps to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels.

All that is required of you is to take at least three cups of herbal tea daily. You can even replace coffee with herbal tea. You might also want to reduce coffee consumption because it contains caffeine which is capable of causing a little spike in blood pressure.

  1. Develop more interest in watermelon

Watermelon contains a lot of goodies that can help make your body healthier. It contains several minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Watermelons also contain arginine and citruline, two amino acids that can reduce the blood pressure of healthy adults, according to studies from the Florida State University.


  1. Do yoga and cardio workouts together

Even if you are already used to doing yoga, adding cardio will give your workout effort that extra punch according to reports from India researchers. Combining these two exercises can also help to lower your cholesterol levels and body mass.

Powerful yoga poses that reduces blood pressure

  • Sukhasana – A pose for meditation that helps to calm the body and mind. It helps to regulate the action of the nervous system.
  • Uttanasana – A simple anti-gravity pose that causes blood to follow towards the head. It promotes blood circulation which stabilizes heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana – It is basically an inversion with head down. It stretches both shoulders and spine and improves blood circulation.
  • Virasana – Helps to normalize blood pressure by ensuring proper blood flow.
  • Shavasana – A resting pose that relaxes the body and mind.


  1. Lower your salt consumption

Don’t let your taste bud to define your health. And if you have been consuming too much salt, now is the time to reduce it. At the age of 40, your salt intake should not even exceed 2,300 (one tablespoon). So start taking the appropriate measures to lower sodium consumption.

Work with the mindset that taking too much salt can increase your blood pressure, give rise to heart diseases and stiff arteries.

You can also use the following tips to keep your salt intake in check.

  • Check the labels on any processed foods to know the salt content before consumption.
  • Ensure all your foods are cooked with less amount of salt.
  • Never leave the salt shaker on the table. You might get tempted to use it.
  • Go for processed foods with the info “low sodium” on the product label.



It is good for adults to set a clear blood pressure goal. It could be as simple as achieving a designed weight loss, reducing salt intake, and eating healthy or all the tips we mentioned in this post. Blood pressure which gives rise to hypertension is a silent killer. It is also responsible for the deaths of many. However, the tips above can help you keep your blood pressure in good state.


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What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar otherwise called Follicular Unit Extraction is a non-intrusive hair rebuilding strategy which can supernaturally change your looks in one go. You never again need to experience greatly obtrusive systems to procure your delegated greatness back. FUE hair transplant causes you to accomplish a more full and thicker head of hair without experiencing broad downtime and recuperation stage.

Senior man and hair loss issue

Is this treatment appropriate for you?

Before you get super amped up for experiencing FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad and Rawalpindi it is advantageous to comprehend whether this treatment is an ideal choice for you or not. Here is a rundown of credits you have to consider before experiencing the treatment:

Contributor Hair Supply-Unlike FUT hair transplant, you can experience FUE hair transplant in Islamabad regardless of whether you don’t have enough benefactor hair supply on your scalp. With FUE, hair can be separated from any piece of the body and embedded on your scalp.

State of Hair Loss-If your male pattern baldness is dynamic, you can’t experience FUE hair transplant except if your fall stops totally.

Flexibility of Scalp-Unlike other hair rebuilding procedures, regardless of whether you don’t have adequate laxity in your scalp, you can in any case experience FUE hair transplant.

Facial Hair Transplant-If you need to don a more manly look, FUE is the best method for having a thick whiskers and mustache.

Objectives of FUE

FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar goes for:

Helping you reestablish your hair.

Causes you to maintain a strategic distance from straight terrifying.

Gives most extreme outcomes in least downtime.

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Techniques

With FUE hair transplant Surgery Peshawar, two primary procedures are utilized:

Manual FUE-It enables the specialist to separate hair physically, in a steady progression.

Mechanized FUE-It permits rapid unite extraction since it utilizes the computerized punch apparatus.

FUE Transplant Pre-Surgical Care

Pre-Procedural Care is a basic part of hair rebuilding medical procedure. Here is a rundown of general precautionary measures you should take after before the treatment:

Try not to expend any blood diminishing prescriptions for no less than about fourteen days before the FUE hair transplant medical procedure in Islamabad, Rawalpindi.

Stop smoking for no less than multi month before the medical procedure.

Stop liquor utilization for fourteen days before the treatment.

Fill in the entirety of your solutions early.

FUE Hair Transplant Islamabad Benefits

There are unlimited advantages to FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. Here is a rundown of few of the most noticeable ones:

It is an insignificantly intrusive system and you won’t need to experience any cuts and fastens.

It is a scar free methodology; you won’t encounter direct scarring with this system.

FUE hair transplant in Rawalpindi permits utilization of body hair for hair transplant on the off chance that you don’t have enough hair on your scalp.

You will have the capacity to return to work a couple of days after the medical procedure and will be recuperated in a matter of multi week.

It is an agony free technique. You won’t encounter any torment or inconvenience amid the method or after it also.

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Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan for Men can help you if you have lost your hair. Hairs plays an important role how you look and feel with Hair Transplantation Clinic Islamabad & Rawalpindi Twin City.

Men Improve Your Health Today

1. Give Your Heart Some TLC

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for men.  You can give your heart some TLC by making sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily.  An easy way to ensure you are getting balanced nutrition is choose foods that are a variety of colors.  A heart healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring or bland.  Find out which foods are a part of a heart healthy diet.

2. Move Your Body

Indiana ranks as one of most obese states in the U.S. not just for adults, but for children as well.  The good news is that research shows that just 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise can help improve your health.  Click the graphic below to discover 8 easy ways you can make time for a 7 minutes of exercise from the American College of Sports Medicine.

3. Make An Appointment with Your Doctor

The life expectancy for men is 5 years less than women, and men are 100% less likely to visit their doctor for preventative health exams.  Why is preventive care so important?  Preventative care can help you keep up good health, and detect any health issues early before they become a major challenge, which can help you have a better quality of life for you and your family.  Find a doctor you are comfortable with so you can openly discuss all aspects of your health from your mental health to sexual health and your overall wellness.


4.  Quit Smoking

Whether you smoke cigarettes, vape, or chew tobacco, you already know that tobacco and the additional chemicals in cigarettes can lead to diseases such has high blood pressure, cancer, and more. Did you also know that tobacco can also contribute to poor mental health?  Research studies show that people who stop smoking have less depression, anxiety, and stress and have improved positive mood and quality of life compared with those who continue to smoke. Although smoking rates have went down across the U.S., 21% of Hoosiers still smoke which is higher than the national average.  You can improve your own health and help boost Indiana’s health ratings by giving tobacco the boot. Check out these resources to live tobacco free!


5.  Take Care of Your Mental Health

Your mental health is inseperable from your physical health so it’s important to make sure you are taking care of your mental and emotional well-being.  Over 6 million men report struggling with depression, and over 3 million men report struggling with anxiety.  Many times, men are more reluctant to seek help for depression, anxiety and other mental health issues for fear it it makes them look weak or because they feel they should be able to handle it on their own.  More recently, famous male athletes and entertainers have been sharing their struggles with mental health to help other men feel comfortable to share their stories and seek help.  The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love wrote an article called “Everyone Is Going Through Something,” to share his struggle with panic attacks and NFL player Brandon Marshall has also shared his journey with Boderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared his battle with depression:

“[It] took me a long time to realize it but the key is to not be afraid to open up. Especially us dudes have a tendency to keep it in. You’re not alone.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed or struggling with depression, anxiety or substance abuse talk to a mental health professional who can help you.

For more information on mental health and to locate treatment services in your area, call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Treatment Referral Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Marijuana Consumption


After decades of only high-THC marijuana being available, CBD-rich strains are now being grown for patients. CBD has been featured on numerous forms of media and publications showing how well it works in treating people. It is what ultimately led Mexico to pass recent legislation allowing marijuana for their patients who have severe epilepsy.

Cannabis is intended for use as a drug or medicine in various forms, including smoking, food, through an inhaler, vaporization, etc. Whether it’s for medicinal purposes or not, Cannabis users feel its effects within minutes when smoked, but longer when eaten. Included among these effects are a heightened mood, an altered change in perception and an increase in appetite. Short-term side effects may include short-term memory issues, cottonmouth, impaired motor skills and feelings of paranoia.

Various forms of Consumption

Cannabis is consumed in the following ways:

  1. Smoking, which usually involves burning the cannabinoids and then inhaling vaporized cannabinoids through a small pipes or bong.


  1. You can consider dissolving canna butter into a cup of tea or coffee. These drinks have little to no psychoactive effects.


  1. Edibles, in which cannabis or cannabis oils are infused into baked food items such as brownies and cookies. Because of the slow, tedious digestive process, edibles take much longer to kick in. However, they can have more intense psychoactive effects.

4. Vaporizer, a device used to heat up marijuana buds (around 390-something degrees F) to the point where the material (including the THC, Cbd/cbn, etc.) evaporates into a vapor form. Typically, the vapor is drawn in slower and held for longer than smoke, somewhere between 15-30 seconds. Its chemical compounds vaporize at a much lower, less harmful temperature.

5. Ingestible Oils, basically any cannabis concentrate that is taken orally. They can induce delayed, yet powerful effects much like edibles. They mostly come in capsules to be consumed with food and a drink.



  1. Topicals, in which lotions and balms are infused with a mixture of cannabis. After that, they can be applied directly to the skin for localized relief of pain or inflammation without psychoactive effects.



  1. Marijuana

Marijuana consists of the dried flower buds and leaves of the female Cannabis plant. This is the most popular form of consumption, containing 3% to 20% THC, with reports of up to 33% THC.


  1. Tincture

A solution of alcohol containing cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. It is often referred to as “green dragon.” The tincture is typically made by soaking the dried flower buds in ethanol and evaporating the solvent. The THC and other cannabinoids dissolve into the alcohol.


  1. Hash oil

It’s the extracted oil from the Cannabis plant by solvent extraction, formed into a hardened or viscous mass. To make the oil, you grind up the pot, flush it with the solvent, then heat it and pressurize it to release the oil. The end product can have a consistency that ranges from that of olive oil to a hard and brittle toothpaste.


  1. Infusions

Cannabis is being infused with many products these days such as teas, cooking oils, massage oils, ointments and of course various edibles. More than ever, the list of products continues to grow.