5 Anti-Aging Foods to Support Your 40s and Beyond Body

Glowing skin starts with how we eat, but these anti-aging foods can also help with more than that. When we pack our diet with vibrant foods loaded with antioxidants, healthy fats, water, and essential nutrients, our body will show its appreciation through its largest organ: our skin. After all, the skin is often the first … Continue reading 5 Anti-Aging Foods to Support Your 40s and Beyond Body

Zotrim’s powerful weight loss formula.

Nothing But Pure and Natural Ingredients  Ingredients Nothing But Pure and Natural Ingredients Go Into Zotrim Our international team of medical researchers spent years developing and testing Zotrim’s powerful weight loss formula. It’s the unique combination of Yerba Maté, Guarana and Damiana extracts that produce Zotrim’s extraordinary weight loss effects. These powerful South American plant extracts … Continue reading Zotrim’s powerful weight loss formula.

Exfoliating Tool In Your Bathroom For Extra-Soft Skin

Use one to manually exfoliate dead skin. Even if you don’t own a pumice stone, chances are you’ve used one of those handy tools without even knowing it—when you receive a pedicure, for instance, someone might rub one of them along your calluses (or perhaps a steel file, a riff off the all-natural option). But … Continue reading Exfoliating Tool In Your Bathroom For Extra-Soft Skin

Strategies of Antioxidant Defence

Effect of antioxidant suplementation (vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, polyphenols, etc.) The beneficial effects of regular non-exhaustive physical exercise have been known for a long time. Exercise is part of the treatment of common diseases such as diabetes mellitus or coronary heart disease. It improves plasma lipid profile, increases bone density, and helps to lose … Continue reading Strategies of Antioxidant Defence