Safe Cooking Temperatures

Using a food thermometer Insert the thermometer through the thickest part of the meat, all the way to the middle, not touching any bone.For burgers, insert food thermometer through the side of the patty.Check each piece separately if you have more than one piece.Use a digital thermometer for more accurate readings. Cooking temperatures chart CategoryTemperatureBeef, … Continue reading Safe Cooking Temperatures

Junk Food Proven To Be a Cause of Osteoarthritis — A Health Blog Saturated fat is suspected of being a primary cause in the start of osteoarthritis after researchers discovered it changed cartilage composition, especially in the knee and hip’s weight-bearing joints. They examined how joints were affected by diets rich in various saturated fatty acids that are … Read the full story: Food Proven To Be … Continue reading Junk Food Proven To Be a Cause of Osteoarthritis — A Health Blog

Making the Vaccine Decision:

Addressing Common Concerns Most parents choose to vaccinate their children according to the recommended schedule. But some parents may still have questions about vaccines, and getting answers they can trust may be hard. With so much information—and sometimes incorrect information—available today, learning the facts before making health decisions is very important. How vaccines work: preventing diseases … Continue reading Making the Vaccine Decision:


Behind Coffee Arabica, Robusta is the second-most popular coffee in the world today. It is produced by the Coffea canephoraplant, which was originally grown in the western and central portions of sub-Saharan Africa. About 40% of the world’s coffee consumed each day is Coffee Robusta. When combined with Coffee Arabica, these two products represent between 95% to 99% … Continue reading COFFEE ROBUSTA


In the dead of night a power surge erupts, manifesting a 100% total blackout. Though fear is not your enemy this night fore you are armed with PITCH BLACK ESPRESSO, our gourmet roast, known to ignite the power within one’s spirit and drive you through the toughest of black ops missions.BLACKOUT COFFEE COMPANY will leave … Continue reading PITCH BLACK ESPRESSO COFFEE