Healthy Living for Every Day

Here's what you need to know about your health. More Tips Nutrition for Healthy Living Nutrition is important for healthy living. Do you eat impulsively on the run? Do you choose fast food, snacks or whatever is close at hand? When it comes to nutrition, we as a nation tend to grab onto one nutrition … Continue reading Healthy Living for Every Day

What is So Special About Charcoal Roasting? 15% discount, Use code: stimulife 1. It removes the excessive water hidden inside raw coffee beans  One of the most important aspects of roasting coffee beans is the removal of excess water from the beans. If the water is not completely removed through roasting, the remaining moisture within the coffee gives it an unpleasant … Continue reading What is So Special About Charcoal Roasting?

The Benefits of Physical Fitness

(Even If Infrequent) Is your lack of exercise becoming more of a routine as fall draws near? Take heart. Even a few workouts here and there will do you some good, sporadic as they may be. Of course, your best health bet is to get the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity on most days … Continue reading The Benefits of Physical Fitness

Radiologist Join White House COVID Team

It was a great sight to witness Scott Atlas, MD, board-certified radiologist, walking out with President Donald Trump. Radiologist Join White House COVID Team In a meeting on August 10, 2020, President Trump said, “He’s working with us and will be working with us on the coronavirus. Moreover, he has many great ideas. And he … Continue reading Radiologist Join White House COVID Team

Receding Hairline Action Plan

A receding hairline is one of the first signs of male pattern baldness. Caucasian young man controls hair loss A receding hairline means you’re balding. Suck that in for a moment – as the Russian proverb tells us, it’s better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. A receding hair line means less … Continue reading Receding Hairline Action Plan