Stomach Diseases that Cause Death

Description We mostly underestimate the mortality level of Gastrointestinal diseases, but the fact is we should not ignore the killing power of various stomach diseases. Introduction When we talk about killer diseases, mostly some severe disorders come to our mind like colon cancer, lung cancer, brain tumor, cardiovascular diseases, and many more like that. Gastro … Continue reading Stomach Diseases that Cause Death

Exciting New Research Spawns Hope For Couples Trying to Conceive

MALE FERTILITY BREAKTHROUGH! Finally, an all-natural, non-invasive way to improve male fertility starting in JUST 3 MONTHS! Increase Sperm Population (count)Improve Sperm Shape (morphology)Boost Sperm Movement (motility)Enlarge Semen VolumeSupport Male Reproductive Function Did Researchers at the Famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Develop a Natural Male Fertility Breakthrough? YES, THEY DID. MIT is famous for … Continue reading Exciting New Research Spawns Hope For Couples Trying to Conceive

5 Habits to Ease Chronic Pain

Exercise 1 / 05 It's a Catch-22: You're hurting, so you don't exercise; but without exercise, you may lose muscle tone and strength, making pain worse. Fortunately, even mild exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good brain chemicals that lift mood and block pain. Ask your doctor if aerobic, strengthening, or stretching exercises can give your body the boost … Continue reading 5 Habits to Ease Chronic Pain

Gain Weight the Healthy Way With…

Just like it can be incredibly difficult to lose weight, it can be a struggle to gain it too. Look at this as a long-term plan – just like any other healthy diet.

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These 11 Foods

In a country where two thirds of people are overweight or obese, you may be wondering why anyone would want to gain weight!

I’ll admit, it’s not something I’m asked about too often. But some people do need help gaining in order to reach a healthy weight.


In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that around 1% of US men, and 2.4% of US women, are underweight – which carries its own health concerns.

Some research has found that being underweight is associated with double the risk of early death in women, and 2.4 times the risk in men.

Being underweight can also lead to a compromised immune system, nutrient deficiencies and even infertility, especially in women.

Like many health problems, one of the key ways to tackle this issue is through good nutrition. In this case, you might think you’re justified…

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