Joint Problems and Low Back Pain

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Most low back pain is caused by muscle problems like muscle strain. But joint problems can cause low back pain, too. Joints connect your bones. They’re made of tissue and cartilage. Certain joints play a big role in how your back feels and works. Your sacroiliac joints are where your spine meets your pelvis. Your facet … Continue reading Joint Problems and Low Back Pain

Advanced Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management Specialists located in Hot Springs, AR & Little Rock, AR Back Pain Back Pain Specialist Conditions that cause back pain are often acute injuries that heal successfully with the right treatment, but they can sometimes be life-altering problems for which there's no cure. If you're living with persistent or severe back pain, … Continue reading Advanced Interventional Pain Management

Back Pain Coach

THIS ARTICLE IS FOR​: Men and women of all ages and walks of life who want ​major relief from back pain ​in ONLY 16 MINUTES This Unusual 16-Minute, 8-Movement Method… …Relieves Years of Upper AND Lower Back Pain, Forcing Your Body to Gently Yet Naturally “Rebalance” Itself In Just ONE SESSION! Bonus​: Releases a Flood of Biochemicals in Your Body Designed … Continue reading Back Pain Coach