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Neuroplasticity is the human brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Our brain is our sword that we can shape and sharpen to achieve greatness, and optimizing it for peak performance requires the proper nutrition, discipline, and supplementation.

LumUltra provides these foundations to empower your brain and unleash your full potential.

What is Nootropic?

You hear young Silicon Valley founders and executives talk about it. You hear college wiz kids talk about it. And you even healthy middle-aged people talk about it. What are they all talking about that gives them that secret edge over their peers?

It’s called nootropics, and it seems to be the big buzz now just about everywhere. But what is a nootropic and how does it work? Here’s a quick look at the so-called “smart drugs” or “limitless pills” and their uses and benefits.

Nootropics are non-drug, non-prescription brain pills that chemist and psychologist Cornelius E. Giurgea is credited for adding into modern lexicon, from the Greek words for “mind” and “bend.” The scientist believed in the biological workings behind the chemical cocktail, believing they significantly boost brainpower and functioning abilities.

Uses and Benefits

In 1982, he wrote that a nootropic supplement works by activating the higher brain mechanisms to enhance the so-called cortical vigilance, as well as replenishing deficient higher nervous activity.

To be classifies as a nootropic, Dr. Giurgea stressed that the substance must enhance memory and learning ability; help the brain work under disruptive environments like hypoxia or low oxygen; protect the brain from physical and chemical assaults; increase the effectiveness of neuronal firing control mechanisms in regions of the brain; and have few or no side effects.

In today’s context, nootropics aimed to enhance cognition, counter negative effects of aging, help children with speech disorders and similar conditions, and even help treat everyday stress and illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Here are other heralded potential benefits of nootropics:

  • Energy Enhancement – Nootropics promise to enhance mental energy and promote increased productivity, because physical prowess ties directly to one’s mental state. It’s believe that many people feel fatigued, sluggish, and lousy at all times not merely because of lack of energy, but because their mind is unable to stimulate drive and motivation.
  • Improved Memory and Concentration – Nootropics are believed to enhance memory and concentration, two important cognitive skills required for. The ability to remember and the power to hold your attention and concentration are crucial skills for both learning and working productively. Problems in these two areas can be addressed through nootropics in supplemental or functional food form. Note, too, that several nootropics act as vasodilators, which are medications for opening up the blood vessels. This can enhance oxygen flow to the brain, an insufficiency in which can result in concentration lapses.
  • Enhanced Vision and Focus – Nootropics promise to bring a brighter outlook through clear vision and drive. Apart from this clarity, they claim to reduce occasional nervousness, uneasy feelings, and everyday stress, helping you become focused and free from distractions.
  • Better Overall Cognitive Function – Many nootropics increase cerebral blood flow to increase oxygen and ATP for neurons. They also replenish key neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, and improve brain connections that are implicated in memory, speech, the senses, and motor control. The result is overall improved cognition when paired with brain-friendly habits and lifestyle.

Those who use nootropic pills have particular “stack” or nootropic routines that involve several compounds. This regimen can be altered if you are one of the few people who do happen to experience side effects, which are usually minor and in the form of a headache.

Nootropics, too, are a feasible option for people who want to stay off prescription drug medications and avoid their side effects – and yet seek to regain their focus, concentration, motivation, and other cognitive functions.  

Ingredients and Composition

Some of the most common ingredients of the best energy pills or “brain pills” on today’s market out are caffeine for stimulation, N acetyl L-tyrosine for improving cognitive processes and regulating cell growth, and L-theanine for effective stress relief without the nausea or drowsiness. All these ingredients work together to deliver the desired benefits in a supplement that one can be take daily.

Other helpful nootropic ingredients include the following:

  • Ginkgo biloba – A common feature of traditional Chinese medicine, this herb is found to increase blood flow to the brain and act as an antioxidant. It is also found helpful in different psychological issues.
  • Noopept –  Noopept is an extremely powerful ingredient that helps to improve focus and memory. Noopept is a brand name for a chemical called N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, which is the synthetic alternative to Piracetam. In order to receive the greatest benefit the required dosage of Noopept is much lower than Piracetam.  Noopept appears not to carry even less potential for side effects and appears to be safe, required lower dosages, and can provide neuro protective effects to the brain that can last long after the drug has been discontinued.
  • Panax Ginseng – This famed herb is key in increasing focus as well as improving both mood and endurance. It serves as a stimulant for many and even occasionally causes insomnia – such that it has a key role in many energy supplements and drinks.
  • Phosphatidylserine – This assists the brain to communicate between cells and perform many other crucial functions. It is considered key in treatment Alzheimer’s, ADHD, stress, depression, and memory loss.
  • Omega-3 – These fatty acids are known to have extensive brain and body benefits, including reducing high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and protecting against heart attacks. It is also a common memory aid.
  • Choline or Alpha GPC – Naturally made in the liver, this vitamin is vital to cell membrane structure and has been considered important during early human development.

Final Thought

There are plenty of choices when it comes to effective nootropic stack that is best for your body and mind. You can choose an energy blend, focus blend, or memory blend, to name a few, depending on your specific objectives.

One thing that makes the best selling nootropics stand out, however, is not just their non-prescription drug formulation, but also the added benefit of being useful and effective for most age groups and for people with different goals in mind. If you hope to feel smarter, stronger, and much better overall with the aid of a high-quality nootropic stack, devote time to study your options and choose wisely.

After all, the healthy, active life you lead will ultimately decide if these nootropics will help you to achieve the best of health and even better “brain power!”

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