Increase Muscle Mass Have More Energy Boost Your Strength Achieve Weight Loss Crank Up Your Sex Drive.

Stack On Pounds Of Lean, Hard Muscle
At Any Age

Even if you’re on the world’s strictest diet and rigorously training everyday muscle gains slow-down with age.

But NOT for men supplementing with TestRX!

You see, TestRX is formulated to encourage your body to produce more testosterone.

And when your testosterone STOPS decreasing and STARTS increasing…

You’ll Feel MORE Energy, MORE Stamina
and MORE Strength at the Gym!

That’s because TestRX is formulated with ZMA.

ZMA is a combination of Zinc (monomethionine and aspartate), Magnesium Aspartate and vitamin B6. Each are critical for protein synthesis which leads to muscle growth.

A study at Western Washington University gave NCAA college football players ZMA for 8-weeks during a Spring training program.

The results?

After 8-weeks, athletes given ZMA
saw a 30% increase in testosterone!

But that’s not all.

Because only HALF of the football players received ZMA, the other half got a placebo.

What were their results?

The players taking a placebo saw their testosterone DROP by 10% !!!

If younger top-performing college athletes saw a drop in their testosterone after an 8-week training program, how would this affect someone over the age of 40?

That’s why it’s critical to supplement with TestRX if you want to look your best, feel your best and…

Get Your Libido Back &
Improve Bedroom Performance

Don’t let humiliating performance issues keep you sexually “side-lined” any longer. Boost your testosterone to get your libido back and sport rock-hard erections that go the distance.

TestRX tackles two hidden causes of testosterone decline.

Overcoming the TWO Hidden Causes that
Ravage, Deplete & Destroy Testosterone

What’s the best thing you can do to maintain testosterone as you age?

Simple. Diet and exercise.

But research shows even religiously following a strict diet and training like an olympian athlete won’t STOP testosterone from depleting.

Why? Because of two overlooked reasons.

Hidden Reason #1
Not Getting the RIGHT Sleep

If you want to build muscle and enjoy an amazing chiseled physique you need sleep.

But the common belief is that if you want “more” muscle, you simply need “more” sleep.

This is only partly true. Because the QUALITY of your sleep matters just as much as the amount you sleep. And in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to achieve the testosterone-boosting, muscle-building sleep you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Get the RIGHT kind of Sleep with TestRX

TestRX formula is rich with high-quality ZMA.

Studies show ZMA improves sleep quality by extending stage 3 and stage 4 slow-wave sleep, which is critical for muscle growth and development.

Don’t let your hard work during the day go to waste while you sleep.

Get the proper dose of ZMA your body needs with TesRX.

Hidden Reason #2
Not Getting Enough ESSENTIAL Minerals

Eating the proper nutrition is critical for testosterone production, but lacking key minerals can destroy your whole game plan.

Studies show Zinc deficiencies are higher in athletes and individuals who recreationally train. Researchers believe the deficiency is due to sweating and inadequate intake in their diets. This depletion can drastically reduce exercise performance.

Thus obliterating strength and muscle gains!

TestRX Fuels Your Body With
the ESSENTIAL Minerals You Need

It’s well documented that supplementing with ZMA can boost athletic performance and testosterone production.

With TestRX, you’re getting scientifically dosed amounts of high-quality ZMA delivered straight into your system for better pumps, more energy and faster muscle growth.

But the TestRX formula doesn’t stop here…

We’ve also included extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients proven to promote testosterone and athletic performance.

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