10 Motivational Quotes To Inspire You To Work Hard For Your Best Summer Body

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Whatever your goals, these quotes are perfect for keeping you on track.

It’s time to get those summer bodies ready, y’all! Get motivated with these 10 motivational quotes and kick up a new workout routine and start adding healthier foods into your diet.

For some of us, talking about that summer body makes us want to get up and start working out — because who doesn’t want to look amazing in their new bathing suit?

But for others of us, we just wish that we could get that amazing summer body just by thinking about it. Wouldn’t that be nice? But unfortunately, that’s just not how life works.

No matter who you are and what goals you have planned for yourself — each and every one of us has to get up off work for the things we want. But the hardest part about working toward any goal is starting. It can feel impossible to want to do that to yourself everyday.

Especially when it comes to exercise. We have to get our bodies used to working out again, which is never fun. It’s sore. It’s painful. It’s boring. But once you’re conditioned, exercising just becomes part of your daily routine.

Ultimately, when you finally do get into the habit of working out, you feel amazing. That’s the feeling that makes it all better in the end — when you feel healthy, inside and out.

If you’re like me and need some serious motivation to get your butt in the gym, then keep scrolling to read some of our picks of the best motivational quotes that will inspire you to put those cute workout clothes on and start building your best summer (and beyond!) body ever.

1. You’ll get results.

​”In two weeks, you’ll feel it. In four weeks, you’ll see it. In eight weeks, you’ll hear it.”  —Unknown

2. You should like what you see.

​”It’s easier to wake up early in the morning & work out, than it is to look in the mirror each day & not like what you see.”  —​Unknown

3. Perseverance is key.

​”Sore today, strong tomorrow.”  —​Tone It Up

4. Keep the future in mind.

“It hurts now but one day it will be your warm up.”  —​Unknown

5. Don’t forget why you started.

​”When you feel like stopping think about why you started”  —​Unknown

6. Enjoy it.

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate.”  —​Women’s Health UK

7. Always remember this.

Work out. Eat well. Be patient. Your body will reward you.”  —​Unknown

8. Better yourself.

“I will beat her. I will train harder. I will eat cleaner. I know her weaknesses. I know her strengths. I’ve lost to her before, but not this time. She’s going down. I have the advantage because I know her well. She is the old me.”  —​Unknown

9. Don’t quit.

“When you think about quitting, think ​about why you started.” —​Unknown

10. Convince your mind.

“Your body can do it it’s time to convince your mind.”  —​Unknown

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