10 Simple Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health

Mental health awareness has reached remarkable new heights within the last decade.

Mental Health
Mental Health

The abundance of mental health blogs and posts on social media are proof that people everywhere are talking about it. More and more individuals are realizing the importance of prioritizing one’s wellbeing and making time for things that make us happy. The plethora of organizations doing work to help people with mental disorders is inspiring. Whether you are suffering from a childhood trauma or experiencing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) after a car accident, there are several nonprofit agencies out there to provide support.

Despite the fact that we have a lot to say and share on the topic, we seldom apply that information to practical life. You don’t need a week-long vacation at a tropical resort, expensive spa treatments, or a remote yoga retreat to eliminate stress or feel happy. You can do something to boost your mental health every day, without leaving town or even your home.

Below are ten effortless ways to maintain good mental health for life:

1.      Keep Moving

An active lifestyle does wonders for a person’s mental and physical health. If your entire day is spent sitting in the office chair and then on the living room couch, that needs to change ASAP. Get a gym membership, join a dance class, go swimming, walk your dog, play/exercise at the park, or whatever that is accessible to get you moving.

2.      Respect your Limits

Overworking and giving up breaks results in rapid decline of mental and physical health. All attempts to mimic superman will eventually burn you out. Find a balance between work and personal life. Deliver to your capacity and say ‘No’ to anything that tops it.

3.      Say what’s on your mind

Catharsis is the most effective method of releasing stress. Suppressing your emotions and opinions all the time is an unhealthy habit. If there were thoughts you had to bottle up under particular circumstances, let them out later. Talk to a friend/family member, confide in your therapist, or write it out in a journal.

4.      Stay Hydrated

Always keep a bottle of water handy if you want to be invincible. Water will help cool you down when you feel agitated, it will refresh you when you are tired, and clear your head when stress levels rise.

5.      Never compromise on Sleep

Do not let anyone or anything come in-between you and your slumber time. Switch off you cellphone before you get into bed and forget about everything until next morning. Seven to nine hours of continuous sleep in necessary to revitalize your body and mind.

6.      Go out on Weekends

Netflix marathons are great, but they are not exactly ideal for your mental health. Spending the entire weekend sprawled before the screen will add to your fatigue. You are likely to feel lonely, depressed, and useless cooped up at home, which is not good for your mental health. Shop at the mall, go on a movie date, or make plans with friends.

7.      Have some Fun in the Sun

Lounge under the sun whenever you get a chance, as the natural dose of Vitamin D will do wonders for your body and mind. If you live near the coast, do not miss out on the beachside activities.

8.      Do Some Cleaning

Believe it or not, cleaning really helps relax the mind. If you ever get worked up or feel like you are bubbling with aggressive energy, grab the mop and let it out. You could wash the car, do the dishes, and dust off the furniture as well. The day will be quite productive, so you will naturally feel good about yourself.

9.      Abandon all Negativity

In order to achieve lasting good mental health, you will have to remove all forms of negativity from your life. This includes toxic relationships, objects that make you sad, bad habits, and perhaps a job you hate.

10. Add humor to your life

Smiles and laughter are the best medicine for your mental health. Make sure to get a dose of humor every day. You can do this by fooling around with friends, streaming hilarious videos/sitcoms, exchanging funny memes, or attending a standup comedy show.

Author Bio

John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who creates content focused on healthcare and personal well-being. He encourages readers to take care of their body and mind to live an ideal life. He also stresses on improving one’s quality of life via positive thoughts and actions. Blogging about personal opinions and life experiences makes John happy, and he is always open to constructive criticism.

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    Smiles and laughter are the best medicine for your mental health. Make sure to get a dose of humor every day. You can do this by fooling around with friends, streaming hilarious videos/sitcoms, exchanging funny memes, or attending a standup comedy show.


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