MyCurves On Demand Review 2021

What Are The Workouts Like?

MyCurves On Demand promises fun and inclusive 30-minute workouts to help women feel fitter and stronger on the inside and out.

Having over 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Curves is one of the longer standing fitness brands with a very loyal following all over the world.

But how do the online workouts feel? Are they effective? And what’s it like using the platform?

This guide will reveal all!

This MyCurve On Demand review outlines everything you need to know about the workout classes, instructors, equipment and platform.

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What is MyCurves On Demand

MyCurves On Demand is the new online streaming and coaching service brought to you by Curves. Curves has been a household name in fitness for a while and is a company that owns and operates female gyms and health clubs all over the world. Although their presence on the high street has perhaps declined in recent years, their new On Demand service promises to offer everything that made the brand so popular throughout the 90’s and 00’s.

MyCurves On Demand has a very clear selling point in that it is designed for women, by women. This slightly goes against the grain at the moment, with many apps like Obe, Alo Moves, and others opting for workout apps that target a broader audience.

MyCurves makes no attempt to deny the fact its platform, workouts and coaching are for women.

What to Expect from the Workouts

The MyCurves On Demand Workouts are exactly what you’d expect (and hope) from a product associated with Curves. They have managed to capture some of that magic from the Curves fitness clubs and gyms for their online classes.

The Curves workouts include 3 core elements; strength training, cardio and stretching. All workouts are roughly 30 minutes long and designed to offer complete, full body training routines, helping to burn fat, create lean muscle and tone up your body.

The exercises are safe for all levels, even beginners and those who haven’t done much exercise before.

The workouts are designed to have practical relevance for you too, i.e. so you find everyday life easier. From taking the shopping home, to walking the dog, Curves workouts incorporate functional movements and exercises that provide real-world impact.

The workouts will vary depending on what package you buy. For example, you can opt for the “Quick Start” which doesn’t use any equipment. The regular On Demand package will require some equipment, most commonly resistance bands. Curves sell their own resistance band too, if you wanted to buy one when you sign up.


MyCurves On Demand is simple. It doesn’t opt for futuristic technology, fancy gadgets and the like. When we think about the innovations happening with smart gym mirrors (e.g. Tempo’s A.I. tools), it sometimes feels like the tech is taking over from good old fashioned exercise programs and classes.

MyCurves doesn’t boast the best tech, nor the fanciest app, but the platform simply allows you to find workouts to join very easily.

For anyone who isn’t very tech-savvy, this is a welcome change and potentially a big selling point.


Like we said, MyCurves definitely makes no secrets that it targets women. But it also probably targets slightly older women. When browsing through other fitness apps, this demographic definitely feels like it’s being ignored.

Simple things like including low impact workouts makes a massive difference. The amount of fitness apps and workouts we’ve signed up to and find that within a few minutes we’re doing explosive squat jumps and pounding our knees and ankles.

When you get to a certain age, workouts do need to be adapted and tailored to ensure no injuries occur.

Familiar Brand

New fitness apps seem to pop up on a daily basis, so deciding which one to use can be tough.

When such an established and trusted brand launches one, it definitely makes the decision easier. Curves has been around for a long time and knows women’s fitness. Its coaches know what motivates women, what common struggles women have with their fitness and solutions to help women reach their goals.

This experience and expertise really can’t be overlooked when it comes to health and fitness.

Quick Start Package

We liked the Quick Start package as a way to sign up and start exercising right away. This package doesn’t require any equipment, so if you don’t have access to the normal at-home exercise equipment (like dumbbells, resistance bands, etc), this package means you can still get started.

This package will mean you do bodyweight movements, which may sound easier, but trust us, you can still have a very tough and rewarding workout from using using bodyweight movements.

If you are looking for some equipment, our recent guide on the best dumbbells for women includes a variety of at-home dumbbells at an affordable price.

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  1. I would love to comment freely on how curves gyms are even legal, but that is not the world we live in. This isn’t to say, in any way, shape or form that I believe they shouldn’t be. My wife was a member of one for years and I think they’re fantastic. Beyond that, for fear of inequitable reprisal, I’ll leave it at “great post, have a lovely day!” 😊

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