History Of Suspension Training

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Lady exercising with a RESISTANCE BAND

If you’ve ever put your body to the test with suspension training (which entails nylon webbing tied to handles or rings and relies solely on your own body weight), you might be curious about how this specific exercise routine came to be. It’s a narrative that began a long time ago but has recently been “reborn.”

Skip Back to the 1800s

Suspension training techniques were employed by people in the 1800s to get their bodies in top physical shape. It’s particularly visible in photos of circus and carnival performers who were suspended from some kind of netting, relying on the strength of their own sculpted muscles to keep them in place, resulting in a rock-hard body.

Suspension training, as excellent as it was for these people, didn’t really catch on with popular exercisers until the 1990s. It took a former military man to come up with a method that followed the same principles and produced similar results.

Move Forward to the 1990s

Randy Hetrick, a former US Navy Seal, invented the TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) technique, which was the first to use suspension training for the general public. How did he construct it? He made it out of the gear he was using while serving in the military, just like any good Navy Seal.

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When he returned to “civilian life” in 2001, he pursued his graduate degree at Stanford University, where he studied business, and this is when he began to realize his ambition. His TRX company was formed with the support of an investor, and suspension training became a popular workout choice. It’s now available at almost every gym across the world, and you can also purchase an easy-to-use device for home use.

The history of suspension training is now complete. What will be the next step? We’ll simply have to wait and see, I guess!

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