Liposomal + Reviews – Does It Work?

Liposomal NMN+ is an anti-aging supplement sold online through

By taking Liposomal NMN daily, you can purportedly raise levels of a molecule called NAD+, helping you turn back the clock on aging.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Liposomal NMN+ and whether or not it lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is Liposomal NMN+?

Liposomal NMN+ is a supplement designed to boost your age-reversing NAD+ molecules, helping you feel younger in 2 weeks.

By taking Liposomal NMN+ daily, you can purportedly power up your mitochondria, promote DNA repair, fight aging on a cellular level, and energize your brain and body, among other benefits.

Liposomal NMN+ is one of a growing number of NMN supplements available online and in stores today. Popularized within the last five years, NMN supplements are backed by growing research proving they can support a range of anti-aging benefits.

As you get older, your NAD+ levels naturally decline. Supplements like Liposomal NMN+ can help by elevating NAD+ levels. Liposomal NAD+ is one of many NAD-boosting supplements sold online today, although the manufacturer, GenF20 Plus, uses a liposomal molecule to boost absorption and enhance the effects.

GenF20 Liposomal NMN+ is exclusively available online through, priced at $69.95 per bottle.

Liposomal NMN+ Features

Liposomal NMN+ offers the following features and benefits:

  • Boost your age-reversing NAD+ molecules
  • Start feeling younger in just 2 weeks
  • Power up your mitochondria
  • Promote DNA repair
  • Fight aging on a cellular level
  • Energize your brain and body

According to the manufacturer, Liposomal NMN+ won’t just help you feel a little bit younger: the formula can help you “start feeling decades younger” by boosting NAD+ levels. The company also claims the formula can “extend lifespan,” helping you live longer.

How Does Liposomal NMN+ Work?

Liposomal NMN+ uses a molecule called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) to raise levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) within your body.

As you get older, your NAD+ levels naturally drop. It’s an inevitable part of aging. As NAD+ levels drop, you may experience noticeable effects of aging, including feelings of sluggishness or tiredness.

A decade ago, researchers performed a test on mice to examine the effects of NAD+. They found raising levels of NAD+ within mice extended lifespan by 30%. Since then, NAD+ supplements have been proposed as powerful anti-aging formulas in humans.

Your body is already rich with NAD+ molecules. It’s one of the most abundant molecules within the human body. Your body uses NAD+ to regulate 400+ biological functions, and it interacts with your body at a cellular level to keep you alive, healthy, and functional.

For all of these reasons, you’ll experience noticeable effects when NAD+ levels drop.

How to Raise NAD+ Levels

Research shows there are various ways to raise NAD+ levels. Some studies show intermittent fasting, high-intensity workouts, and low-calorie diets, for example, can raise NAD+ levels.

However, even all of these factors aren’t guaranteed to immediately reverse age-related NAD+ decline; instead, you may want to take NAD+ supplements like Liposomal NMN+.

GenF20 Liposomal NMN+ aims to fight aging on a cellular level by elevating NAD+ to the level they were at when they were younger.

Liposomal NMN+ doesn’t just claim to help maintain normal NAD+ levels, nor does it claim to support NAD+ levels; instead, the formula specifically claims to “elevate NAD+ back to the levels of your youth.” Because NAD+ levels decline as much as half as you age, Liposomal NMN+ can provide significant anti-aging effects.

Benefits of Raising NAD+ with Liposomal NMN+

GenF20 Liposomal NMN+ can help you raise NAD+ levels, leading to a range of noticeable benefits. According to the manufacturer of Liposomal NMN+, the supplement can support the following benefits:

Boost Daily Energy: As you age, your energy levels naturally decline. When NAD+ levels drop, it reduces energy at a cellular level. Liposomal NMN+ can help by restoring NAD+ levels back to the level they were at in your youth.

Boost Metabolism: Metabolism plays a crucial role in regulating how your body transforms the food you eat into energy you can use. Liposomal NMN+ can purportedly boost your metabolism, boosting your energy and raising the rate at which you burn calories.

Support Stronger Joints & Muscles: Liposomal NMN+ claims to support stronger joints and muscles. Building and maintaining muscle mass is more difficult as you age. By taking Liposomal NMN+ daily, you can support strong joints and muscles at the cellular level.

Improve Mood: NAD+ is also linked to mood. NAD+ influences 400+ biological reactions within the body, including reactions within the brain. People taking Liposomal NMN+ may also experience more physical energy and better sleep, which can improve your mood.

Promote DNA Repair: NAD+ is abundant within the body and interacts with your body at the cellular level, which is why taking Liposomal NMN+ can promote DNA repair. According to the makers of Liposomal NMN+, NAD+ plays a critical role in DNA repair, gene expression, and overall cellular health, all of which are important for optimizing lifespan.

Help Stabilize Blood Sugar: Liposomal NMN+ can purportedly help stabilize blood sugar. You have a higher risk of developing blood sugar control issues as you get older, and a good NAD+ supplement can help.

Increase Libido: GenF20 Liposomal NMN+ can increase your libido, boosting your sex drive and restoring your sexual energy to a level it was when you were younger.

Support Heart Health: Some of the most important cells in your body are found in your heart. Liposomal NMN+ can support heart health at the cellular level. According to, the formula can “improve your blood pressure” and “protect your heart against aging.”

Strengthen Immune System: Your immune system gets worse as you get older. Again, it’s an inevitable part of aging. Liposomal NMN+ can purportedly strengthen your immune system, helping your body defend itself against foreign invaders, disease, and illness.

Liposomal NMN+ Versus Other NMN Supplements

Some people take NAD+ supplements to raise NAD+, while others take NMN supplements. However, not all NMN supplements are made equal.

Liposomal NMN+ aims to be the ultimate NMN supplement for its ability to raise NAD+ levels within your body – compared to other NMN supplements with limited effects.

Here are some of the differences between Liposomal NMN+ and competing formulas:

Liposomal NMN+ Uses Real NMN Instead of Fake NMN: Many supplements label themselves as NMN formulas but don’t actually contain any real NMN. Some supplements claim to contain NMN and are deliberately mislabeled, while others contain ingredients that claim to raise NMN – like vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Liposomal NMN+, in comparison, contains genuine NMN.

Liposomal NMN+ Has Better Absorption: Other NMN supplements don’t work because they have poor absorption. They’re difficult for your body to absorb. Liposomal NMN+ is specifically designed for maximum absorption because it’s liposomal. That means a fatty molecule surrounds the active ingredients to pass your stomach acid and reach the intended destination within your body. GenF20 Plus recommends thinking of the liposomal molecule as like a “Taxi” to transport the active ingredients.

Liposomal NMN+ Has the Optimal Dosage: Liposomal NMN+ contains the optimal dosage of NMN, making it easy for you to experience age-reversing benefits. Because NMN doesn’t absorb well into your system on its own, you need a high dose of NMN to raise NMN levels within your body. Liposomal NMN+ claims to contain a clinically-studied dose of NMN, similar to the dose used in trials and research. Each serving of Liposomal NMN+ contains 250mg of NMN.

Pure 98% NMN: Liposomal NMN+ is made from pure beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide 98%, as verified by a certificate of authenticity. Other NMN supplements may contain much lower percentages of NMN, making them less effective.

Scientific Evidence for GenF20 Liposomal NMN+

Liposomal NMN+ has not been studied. However, the individual ingredients within the formula have completed clinical trials. Research shows the right NMN+ supplement can turn back the clock on aging and support a range of benefits.

In this 2020 study, for example, researchers found NMN was a “stable, reliable NAD+ activator and anti-aging molecule.” Researchers found NMN was easy for your body to absorb when taken orally, and your body rapidly converts it into NAD+, raising NAD+ levels within your body and leading to anti-aging benefits. Because of these effects, researchers described NMN supplements as “an effective nutraceutical anti-aging intervention” with a range of beneficial effects.

Other studies have verified that NMN supplements raise NAD+ in animals. In this study, researchers found that NMN supplementation improved NAD+ levels in mice, leading to significant anti-aging benefits. Researchers found nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) worked because it was a precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). After NMN enters your body, your body converts it into NAD+.

Researchers also know why NAD+ is so important: it’s abundant in mitochondria, the cell cytoplasm, and nucleus. Your cells rely on NAD+ to perform critical functions – from cellular energy to gene expression. As researchers explain, NAD+ is crucial for stress resistance, energy metabolism, cell growth regulation, inflammation, circadian rhythm, and brain function.

One of the largest human studies on NMN was published in May 2022. In the double-blind, placebo-controlled study, participants took 150mg of NMN or a starch powder placebo once daily after breakfast for 60 days. Researchers found participants in the NMN group had higher levels of NAD+ at days 30 and 60, which had the potential to lead to energy boosting and anti-aging effects.

Liposomal NMN+ appears to have a strong dosage of NMN: the studies linked above used a dose of 150mg per day. In comparison, Liposomal NMN+ has 250mg per serving, giving you a better chance of experiencing the benefits listed above.

We’ve established that NMN can raise NAD+ levels. However, separate studies have found raising NAD+ levels can lead to significant benefits. In this 2020 study published in Pharmaceuticals, researchers described NAD pharmacology as “a promising class of treatments for age-related conditions.” Researchers found raising NAD levels was associated with help for skin, metabolic, and age-related conditions, among other benefits.

Overall, Liposomal NMN+ is backed by research showing it can raise NAD+ levels within the human body, leading to significant benefits throughout your body – from the cellular level to the rest of your body.

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