Scars and Your Skin

How Do Scars Form? Scars form when the dermis (deep, thick layer of skin) is damaged. The body forms new collagen fibers (a naturally occurring protein in the body) to mend the damage, resulting in a scar. The new scar tissue will have a different texture and quality than the surrounding tissue. Scars form after a wound … Continue reading Scars and Your Skin

The Dermology Acne Solution

DERMOLOGY ACNE TREATMENT IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACNE SKIN CARE SYSTEM FORMULATED TO TREAT ACNE FROM THE INSIDE-OUT The Dermology Acne Treatment is not just another topical acne treatment product. It is an entire skin care management system that finds the source of your acne and not only heals the blemishes you have, but also treats … Continue reading The Dermology Acne Solution