Common Problems for Runners:

3 Breathing Techniques You Should Try   It suffices to say that exercise is one of the most important things for your health. Taking care of your body can help you in countless ways, but most importantly, it keeps you healthy both physically and mentally and it can help you with quite a lot of … Continue reading Common Problems for Runners:

Dangers of Overtraining

In our society, the “more is better” attitude is as common as dirt. Fitness gurus, magazines, and supplement manufacturers have taken advantage of these prevailing notions and turned the core principles of fitness on their head. The problem is that when looking to build muscles, strength, and endurance, this kind of approach is a double-edged … Continue reading Dangers of Overtraining

MORE Benefits of Exercise!

Benefits of Exercise! The benefits above are general.  Let’s examine the more specific benefits of exercise on specific parts of the human anatomy, as described by Goldberg and Elliot: Exercise prevents heart disease! The average ratio of total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) is about 4.5.  If this ratio doubles or reaches 7, you double your … Continue reading MORE Benefits of Exercise!

Dealing With Some Common Fitness-Related Ligament Sprains

  It’s hard to know what to do about a sprained ligament. The pain is usually too intense to simply “walk off.” That is probably a bad idea anyway since this kind of injury increases the risk of further and more serious injuries. But a trip to the ER may not be in order either, … Continue reading Dealing With Some Common Fitness-Related Ligament Sprains

Improve Your Workout Routine

Healthy Habits to Help Improve Your Workout Routine   Taking the time to get regular exercise can significantly improve your health. However, you may not be getting the most from your routine. You probably don’t go to the gym, or workout from home expecting that all your hard work is only going to result in … Continue reading Improve Your Workout Routine