Superfood Skincare

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Skincare so pure you can eat it. Your skin absorbs just as much as your gut. Go beyond food-grade or “green” skincare. Take it to the next level with a completely edible skincare routine. 2-3 times a week use Superfood Face Mask as a clarifying face mask to purify your skin. Hydrate after AM and … Continue reading Superfood Skincare

Adaptogen Immune Support with Chaga

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GUARD UP Your daily dose of superhero With everything you have going on, there’s no time for a timeout. The King of Mushrooms, Chaga is a Finnish favorite  loaded with antioxidant properties to support your immune system. Add in Oregano, Vitamin C, Elderberry, Eleuthero, Beets, and Ginger, and your immune system superheroes have answered your … Continue reading Adaptogen Immune Support with Chaga

Making Nature’s Best Foods Easier to Enjoy. Four Sigmatic!

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It all started back in Finland, where saunas outnumber cars and people compete in things like swamp soccer and mobile phone throwing (seriously, we have world championships for this stuff). Shop The 100 most nutrient dense foods We grew up in nature, foraging Chaga in our backyards, and eating all kinds of mushrooms for … Continue reading Making Nature’s Best Foods Easier to Enjoy. Four Sigmatic!