Why Digestive Enzyme Deficiency is a Problem

Sleep disturbances & more

Digestive Enzyme Renewal
Digestive Enzyme Renewal

Sobering fact you may not have considered: cooking kills many of the enzymes you need to digest your food.

That’s one of the reasons Digestive Enzyme Renewal is so popular. It puts 13 essential digestive enzymes back in your gut, so your digestive system can do its job, and you can expect less:

  • painful chest burning
  • chronic sore throat
  • burping & hiccups
  • stomach pain
  • wheezing & dry cough
  • sleep disturbances & more

Don’t be surprised if Digestive Enzyme Renewal helps address lingering issues that have affected you for years. With better digestive function you’ve also got better nutrient absorption.

It can be a painful experience (literally) when you don’t have enough enzymes to digest your food – and it’s nothing short of magic when you give your gut what it needs to sustain your body.

Why Digestive Enzyme Deficiency is a Problem

If you’re deficient in digestive enzymes, you force your gut to make more hydrochloric acid to pick up the slack.

Sounds like an easy fix? It is – but it’s also a problem. That’s because your body can’t make excess stomach acid forever.

At some point, you may lose your ability to make more stomach acid. Food then goes largely undigested in your GI tract.

You get gas, constipation, diarrhea, digestion problems and IBS as a result. You also get poor nutrient absorption and a dramatically lower quality of life.

What Digestive Enzyme Renewal Can Do

Digestive Enzyme Renewal supplements the gut with much-needed digestive enzymes. This helps your body pre-digest your food, from where stomach acid takes over and helps regulate the digestion process.

It helps with the following:

Supplements Digestive Enzymes Lost From Cooking – Cooking kills many essential digestive enzymes.

Reduces Digestive Problems – You’ll have fewer digestion problems with sufficient enzymes.

Better Sleep – You may sleep better without excess stomach acid at night.

Better Nutrient Absorption – You may have better skin and hair with Digestive Enzyme Renewal because it helps your body process the nutrients in your diet.

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