Why Digestive Enzyme Deficiency is a Problem

Sleep disturbances & more Digestive Enzyme Renewal Sobering fact you may not have considered: cooking kills many of the enzymes you need to digest your food. That's one of the reasons Digestive Enzyme Renewal is so popular. It puts 13 essential digestive enzymes back in your gut, so your digestive system can do its job, … Continue reading Why Digestive Enzyme Deficiency is a Problem

Leaky Gut Syndrome?

The health community is littered with fads and well-intentioned but often-harmful gimmicks like kombucha and the paleo diet. Curiously, though, there may be truth to leaky gut syndrome – a collection of digestive symptoms including gas and bloating, cramps and food sensitivities.Wait a second. Doesn’t that sound like Irritable Bowel Syndrome?Well here’s the thing: your gut has a powerful, albeit mysterious … Continue reading Leaky Gut Syndrome?