Top 5 Obesity Videos

Over 70 million adults in U.S. are obese (35 million men and 35 million women). 99 million are overweight (45 million women and 54 million men). NHANES 2016 statistics showed that about 39.6% of American adults were obese. Men had an age-adjusted rate of 37.9% and Women had an age-adjusted rate of 41.1%

1. 20 Extremely Overweight People You Wont Believe Exist

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2. 3 Best Exercises for Overweight People

5 Digestive Health Supplements

3. 600lb Life Guest That ACTUALLY Lost Weight…


4. What Losing Weight Does To Your Body And Brain | The Human Body

5 Tips To Help Keep Your Joints Healthy.

5. Weight Comparison: The Most Overweight People on The World. Heaviest person EVER

The Carnivore Diet and Fat Loss: 9 Reasons Why it May Work

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