Fitness Industry Award 2010

Fitness Industry Award 2010 Fitness Industry Award 2010This Fair Work Commission consolidated modern award incorporates all amendments up to and including 20 June 2019 (PR704143,PR707511,PR707738,PR709080).Clause(s) affected by the most recent variation(s): 17 —Minimum wages 18—Allowances Schedule C—Supported Wage SystemCurrent review matter(s):AM2014/47;AM2014/190;AM2014/196;AM2014/197;AM2014/227;AM2014/300;AM2014/301;AM2015/1;AM2015/2;AM2016/15;AM2016/17;AM2016/8Table of Contents[Varied by PR532630,PR544519,PR546288,PR557581,PR573679,PR583004,PR584102,PR609423,PR610260,PR701497]Part 1—Application and Operation1. Title2. Commencement and transitional3.…

Fitness – Where You Stand Right Now?

Fitness is a term that is used to help define the ability to stay in the best physical shape.  You may ask, then, “What am I staying in shape for?”  To each person, this will be something different. For most, it is a matter of staying healthy as long as possible.  You see, your body … Continue reading Fitness – Where You Stand Right Now?