All About Green Tea

Caffeine and Health Benefits of Green Tea

There is a lot of buzz right now about much all the health benefits of green tea, and the lower caffeine levels. At this moment it is too early to capably say that cutting edge scientific studies demonstrate the health benefits being claimed. Since green tea develops in such a significant number of districts and can be handled from numerous points of view, tests on one tea don’t demonstrate impacts of all tea. Indeed, even your blending system will change the synthetic mixes, and their rate of absorption. As a result of the quantity of contradictory studies and the absence of a long haul think about with control groups, it is untimely to decide on relative antioxidant counts.

Get The Best from Your Brew

If you’ve ever sampled a green tea and discovered it a little on the bitter side, it’s probable since it’s been steeping for a really long time. Our Green Tea profits by fermenting in bubbled water that has been left to cool a little. This helps out those flawless, fresh and energizing flavours. In the event that you favour your green tea to have a bite to it, soak for longer than 2 minutes.

How Much Green Tea Should You Drink?

These are a portion of the numerous advantages however actually some tea daily won’t give all of you the abundant gains. The jury is out on what number of mugs are important, some say as little as two glasses per day while others five cups. In the event that you are considering going down this route, you might need to consider taking a green tea supplement rather (it would keep you out of the washroom).

How to Store Green Tea

When you have made your interest in a couple of ounces of green tea that you like, you need to ensure that it remains as new as fresh be possible. Resalable, airtight and light-blocking bundling is an unquestionable requirement. Most trustworthy sellers give this sort of bundling, yet on the off chance that not, you should get resalable tins, or something like them. Eventually, green tea keeps best when appropriately vacuum sealed and put away at close freezing temperatures, however the likelihood of humidity and condensation, in addition to the scents inside most refrigerators preclude this choice for some home tea drinkers.

Potential Risks of Drinking Green Tea

There is caffeine in green tea. In the event that you are sensitive to caffeine, at that point one glass multi day should to be your farthest point. Here’s an approach to enable you to decrease a touch of caffeine in it.

Instructions to Enjoy Green Tea by Reducing Caffeine in It

Green tea additionally contains tannins (which can diminish the absorption of iron and folic acid). In the event that you are pregnant or trying to conceive, at that point green tea may not be perfect for you.

Different Varieties of Green Tea

The difference between green and black tea results from the manufacturing procedure. Black tea undergoes maturation which changes its shading and flavour, though green tea stays natural and holds its colour. Green tea is grown in higher heights, all the more explicitly the rugged districts of East Asia. Some green tea is still picked by hand, and it is suspected that handpicked teas are less unpleasant and yield a better, increasingly hearty taste. Different factors, for example, the atmosphere and soil can also affect the flavour.

Sencha is the most prevalent of Japan’s green teas. There are various evaluations which can influence the cost and quality. Sencha leaves are first steamed and after that formed. Sencha tea produces a reasonable yellow/green tea with a sweet, grassy but slightly astringent flavour.

Matcha is produced using green tea leaves grown in the shade. The leaves have a higher chlorophyll content which makes them a lively green colour. To make matcha, the whole leaf is ground down into a powder. The powder is blended with bubbling water and delicately raced before being served. The flavor is light and sweet as is presently added to treats and sweet drinks. Green tea can be found as crisp leaves or in tea bags, regularly mixed with different flavors, for example, lemon, lime or ginger. Udyantea has demonstrated the benefits of green tea in a positive way.

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Tummy bloat can be really annoying and disturbing to people who experience it very often. It has become so common among people it’s even being referred to as an “epidemic”. Remember that time when you couldn’t fit into your favorite pants because you had a bad tummy bloat? Or that time you bailed out on a date because of the bulge from your tummy that made you look weird in your tiny dress? These are just one of the many effects of bloating.

A tummy bloat can cause so much discomfort and even embarrassment especially if you are in a public place. However, If you have been in this situations before, worry no more because there are actual ways to help you in dealing with a tummy bloat. Here are six ways to beat tummy bloat.

1) Move a lot and do some activities.
Moving a lot and doing activities will increase your heart rate and breathing rate which will stimulate natural contraction of the intestines muscles, ending constipation and reducing gasses build up in the stomach. Find a reason to walk on foot to somewhere or hit the gym for an hour or so on a daily basis to help relieve your belly bloat.

2) Watch your diet and eating habits.
Constipation is the main cause of bloat for a lot of people. It is caused by lack of fiber and fluids in your diet. To have that flat tummy, include a lot of fiber in your diets such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, and legumes. Your eating habits also contribute to tummy bloat. Try to slow it down when eating – make sure to chew your food properly to reduce swallowing a lot of air. Also eat smaller meals more often, instead of bigger meals three times a day.

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3) Avoid taking carbonated drinks.
All carbonated drinks such as soda, sparkling water and all natural seltzer could cause stomach bloating as they are full of CO2. If you are struggling with belly bloat, you would want to avoid them at all cost.

Instead you should stick to drinking water or how about trying our 28-Day Detox Tea for flat tummy? Our teatox includes ingredients such as ginger and cinnamon which are known to have calming effect on your GI tract. Drinking detox tea should overall help your digestive tract by reducing gas and improving your digestion.

4) Cut back on your salt intake.
Salts add a little more sodium to body fluids which contribute to bloat. Reducing the amount of salt intake will help to reduce water retention, hence reducing tummy bloating.

5) Eat foods rich in potassium.
Potassium helps to regulate the fluid balance in your body, which helps to keep belly bloat at bay. Some of the foods rich in potassium include bananas, tomatoes, mangoes, and spinach just to mention a few.

Sometimes it can be difficult to pin point exact foods giving you gassy or bloating problems. Every time you feel nasty after a certain meal, grab a pen and jot down the food you have eaten. Keep doing this for 1 month – this way you could find exact foods or certain ingredients causing stomach problems. Keeping a healthy diet alongside avoiding problematic foods should help you big time.

6) Drink ASAPSKINNY teatox daily
Develop a habit of drinking our 28-Day Detox Tea every day. Simple drink our Morning Boost once in morning & Evening Detox before going to bed. These 2 cups of detox tea will improve your well-being as well as your digestive system.

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Our Evening Detox Tea is known best for its cleansing and detoxifying properties. Our special ingredients such as Honeybush, Lotus Leaf, Cinnamon and Lemongrass are known to help with digestion while relieving gas and tummy bloats. Simply drink 1 cup before going to bed! The goal is to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and energized. So try our 14-Day Detox Tea or 28-Day Detox Tea today!

Products – Weight Management.

Appetite Control Products For Diet And Weight Management


Weight gain makes you experience a low self-esteem and you always feel as if you want to justify your extra pounds to people. You blame your weight gain to age, stress and many other factors, but funnily enough, you never lay the blame on yourself. Yes, just like alcoholic junkies. No one believes they are to blame, me neither. But that is neither here nor there as what is important is to know how to lose the weight. And I will show you how in this short blog post.

Most weight gain is from eating, so control your appetite

It all comes down to eating. Thus, if you would like to stop gaining weight, you should know how to control your appetite. All that junk food that you eat is full of empty carbohydrates and has no nutrients at all. Now, having said that, you know how addictive the packaged foods are and therefore, trying to resist them is akin to the devil trying to resist hell. But you can do it with appetite control products.

What do appetite control products do?

Just as their name suggests, these products control your urge to eat and therefore, you do not eat as often as you used to before taking supplements. They usually come in the form of pills or in powder form and you can buy whatever is most convenient for you. If popping a pill or two every morning will keep your appetite away for several hours, then you know that you would not like to miss such pills in your purse.

The good thing is that these products are herbal and therefore, they have no side effects and if any, they are minimal. And they do work!

Some of these products are acclaimed in the health and weight control industry. They include the Acai berry products, green tea and others. Green tea has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

You see, when you visit, you will be spoilt for choice as there are so many products to help control and suppress your appetite with no side effects at all.


Drinking fresh brewed tea can be both healthy and enjoyable. However, the vast majority of nutritional components found in green tea leaves are never transferred over to the brewed tea. When you throw away tea leaves, you are throwing away a cornucopia of nutrients. Many tea experts recommend triple brewing good quality tea leaves. While this will continue to provide great tasting tea, you will still not be receiving the vast majority of the nutrients that are available in the green tea leaves.

Green tea is loaded with flavonoids, a potent variety of antioxidants. A great deal of research has been done (much of it referenced on this web site) which demonstrates that the antioxidants found in green tea are extremely beneficial to our health in many ways. Most of the research around green tea has focused on catechins (a specific type of flavonoid) which make up the largest percentage of what is found in green tea leaves. It is believed the catechins are the real powerhouse of the green tea plant. The table below was pulled from the USDA web site and provides a fantastic look at just how much more beneficial the whole tea leaf is compared to just drinking the brew. For the most part there is an 8,000 to 10,000% increase in antioxidants found in whole green tea leaves compared to brewed green tea. The evidence is very convincing. The best way to get the most nutritional benefit from green tea is to eat the whole leaf.

A word of caution though – not all green tea is created equal. First of all, if you’re going to eat your green tea be sure that it is certified organic. Green tea plants will absorb toxic elements from its environment and pass those along to you in greater concentrations than if you were just drinking the brew. So the first step in choosing an appropriate green tea for eating is to ensure that it has been certified organic. This means that harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides have not been dumped on the plants – and thus will not make it into your body.

Unfortunately, just choosing an organic green tea is not enough. Many green tea plantations are still exposed to industrial pollution because of their geographic location. Polluted rain water, toxic runoff in the soil, and noxious gasses from nearby plants are just a few of the ways that an organic tea farm could still be exposed to unsafe levels of toxins. The only way to ensure that you’re getting the safest green tea available is to choose a vendor who has lab-tested their green tea leaves. tested tea samples from several organic farms to ensure that we’re bringing you the purest green tea leaves available.

While the catechins get all the attention when it comes to green tea research, there are many other vitamins and minerals present in green tea. Just like we see with the catechins, there are a great deal more nutrients found in the whole tea leaf as compared to the resulting brew. Really, it is common sense when you stop and think about it. If you were to make Italian Wedding Soup with spinach, escarole, swiss chard, or another green – you wouldn’t throw all the greens out after letting the soup cook. So why do we do it with our green tea?