Can Bleaching Hair Cause Permanent Hair Loss?

Bleach is the most potentially harmful of all the coloring methods. Beautiful women with bleached streaks in hair What makes us tick is the way we carry ourselves. Similarly, it is how we style our hair—a person's crowning glory—that makes us look fabulous. The way we usually wear our hair says a lot about who … Continue reading Can Bleaching Hair Cause Permanent Hair Loss?

360 Hair Health Plan Women

Reduction in hair loss. Less hair shedding, visibly thicker, healthier hair. 4 steps: nourish, cleanse, moisturize and stimulate.Complete hair health with, KeraHealth Hair Women - 60 caps, Follicle Hero Shampoo 250ml, Follicle Hero Conditioner 150ml and FREE Scalp Energizer. Daily use.For best results a 3-month minimum use is recommended. BEAUTY & WELLNESS BENEFITS Wellness Benefits … Continue reading 360 Hair Health Plan Women

Definition of Hair at

top definitionsexamplesexplore dictionarybritishmedicalscienceidioms and phrasesnounany of the numerous fine, usually cylindrical, keratinous filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals; a aggregate of such filaments, as that covering the human head or forming the coat of most mammals.a similar fine, filamentous outgrowth from the body of insects, spiders, etc. Botany. a filamentous outgrowth…

Hair Restoration

When the home remedies and other traditional methods for hair restoration do not work, it is the time to consider the best ever natural hair restoration technique, “Hair Transplant”. If you are a victim of prolonged hair fall condition, the only option that would satisfy you the most is hair transplantation. However, the selection of … Continue reading Hair Restoration