Nutritional Pitfalls

Nutritional Pitfalls to Avoid

Nutrition and supplementation are main ingredients in the recipe for building muscle. For bodybuilders and athletes the saying “you are what you eat” is a reality. Nutrition is everything if you hope to realize gains from your time in the gym. Avoid the following pitfalls to ensure you are getting the most results in the least amount of time.

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Fruits and Veggies
Fruits and Veggies

1) Not Drinking Enough Water

The body is at minimum, 67% water; therefore we need quite a bit of this valuable resource throughout the day. Water flows throughout your body, piping through to keep everything functioning 100%. It helps to regenerate muscle cells, and removes all the toxins coming in and out of your body on a daily basis.

2) Eating Too Much or Too Little

Too much of anything is not healthy. Many bodybuilders in their quest for a muscular physique tend to overeat thinking these calories will all end up as newfound muscle tissue. Think again. To lose fat and build (or maintain)muscle you need to do cardio, and take in the exact ratio of protein, carbs and fat, this is right for your body. To keep all your hard earned muscle, you need high quality protein, on a regular basis. To have high energy levels to train hard you need quality carbs. You need healthy fats for general health, and to burn body-fat. Under eating will make it next to impossible to build muscle, and may also make it harder to lose body-fat. The key is balance. You need enough quality nutrients for muscularity, but they need not be in excess.

3) Insuficient Amounts of Protein

Protein is the king for building muscle and recovery. If it is to come from food sources, it should be kept lean and low in cholesterol. Egg whites, skim milk, fish, chicken (white meat), lean steak, sirloin, lean cuts of pork, and of course whey protein (preferably an isolate orblended whey with isolate as its main ingredient) are good choices. These foods are “clean” protein sources that are healthy and can be consumed on a daily basis. By ingesting 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, divided over 5 to 6 meals, the uptake ofamino acids will be an easy task for your muscles.

4) Not Taking Supplements

With all the potential shortcomings in our diet and training, supplements help to round them out. Many “old-school” bodybuilders follow the misconception that supplements are a hassle, expensive and overwhelmingly confusing. Supplements can save you money and time substituting for the large variety of food that you would need to ingest to attain the same array of nutrients. Weight training and other physical activity drain your body of vital nutrients. Providing your body with protein, vitamins and other supplements spurs muscle growth and fat loss. A multivitamin, quality protein powder, micronized glutamine, creatine and nitric oxide stimulator could exponentially aid in recuperation, training and intensity.

5) Not Taking Extra Vitamins and Minerals

Bodybuilders and other athletes are notorious for overlooking vitamins and minerals simply because these nutrients don’t create a noticeable difference in their physique or training, like something such as creatine would. This doesn’t mean these nutrients aren’t integral to building muscle. Without enough of these key nutrients, muscle mass would decay, bones would become brittle, and all the basic functions of the body would begin to deteriorate. Proper vitamin supplementation is often what the “average” weight trainer is missing that is preventing them from realizing better results.

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15 thoughts on “Nutritional Pitfalls

  1. These tips are to be followed as always. It gives you steps for a healthier and better lifestyle.

  2. I personally don’t take supplements but I eat well once I have the food to eat. With lots of water. Will try taking extra vitamins henceforth.

  3. I am quite guilty with regards to not drinking enough water. It’s a very important thing to always be hydrated. I’ve heard of one incident where the woman was so severely dehydrated she died because she was not drinking enough water. Our country’s too hot as it is, it’s almost suicide if you don’t drink enough water for a day.

    1. You’re not the only one, I need to step up my water game too! Knowing that our bodies are comprised of a minimum of 67% water is an eye opener to me!

  4. The greatest mistake is not taking adequate water. Water is essential and is a healing component.

  5. Not drinking enough water is true in many ways. People need to be dehydrated all the time. As for eating too much or too little, this is also true since a lot of articles said that when you are on a diet, if you do either of these, your diet will fail. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  6. Yes, we are really what we eat, it is always good to take good amount of fruits and veggies to help clense the system and build our immune system

  7. Now I know that bodybuilders and other athletes are notorious for overlooking vitamins and minerals simply because these nutrients don’t create a noticeable difference in their physique or training, like something such as creatine would. Thanks for this post on nutritional pitfalls.

  8. Great advice for body builders and health fanatics alike. Being conscious of taking a balanced mix of protein, vitamins and minerals is instrumental for self-care. Thanks for sharing.

  9. It always good to take in the right amount of food which shouldn’t be too much or less, so that we can get the right amount of nutrients too.

  10. Thank you for this!!! I may not follow it all but it is a great guide to remember. I do drink a lot of water. Over a liter a day and it is very beneficial to say the least.

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