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Our “pot” comes in buds as SativaIndicia and hybrids. Sativa is a strain of weed that makes you happy and creative while not “stealing” any energy away from you. Indica will calm you down, make you relaxed, somewhat sleepy and might relieve some of your inflammatory pain. A hybrid is a mixture and combines best of both worlds. Buy weed at BestPo and get it shipped within 2 days.

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Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that our online weed store in Canada has the best prices for weed online. This applies across the whole range of our products, from oils to buds themselves. There is a great variety in the range of prices we have, but overall our prices are far better than anywhere else. Our prices are not coupled with inferior products – we offer superior products at reduced prices, for the benefit of our customers.

100% Privacy Guaranteed

When ordering from us, you can be assured that your reasons will remain your own, and your order will remain private. Our privacy policy covers the basics, such as your personal details and your financial ones, but it also covers your order as well.

Anybody who comes to us to order marijuana in its various forms will have absolute privacy guaranteed. This means that no matter why they are buying the marijuana, or what types they are buying, they will receive complete privacy regarding it. We feel that this privacy allows people to relax, and enables us to help them more effectively as they will speak freely. We can best help people when we know what they need, and we have found that they are more likely to open up to us when they know that privacy is guaranteed. Privacy also extends to our delivery policy – we do our best to be discreet, and send out parcels and packages in non-descript boxes, which give no indication of the contents. This privacy guarantee is something that helps solidify customers as return customers.


Huge Variety of Weed

There is a large variety of marijuana products out there, and our Canadian cannabis online store offers most, if not all of them. Our huge selection encourages people to become customers, because it means that we can help a wider group of people. Having a wide variety of weed means that people can find what really works for them, rather than needing to rely on something which might not work so well. Our variety also means that more people come to us for help, since they may have specific needs which we can address. Having a wider variety of weed means that we are more popular than other sites.

Top Quality Cannabis

All of our cannabis is absolutely top-quality. We offer only the best to our customers, and they can be assured that it will always be the best we can afford. Having top-quality cannabis means that people can relax and know that they won’t have any deleterious effects from our products.

Clear Shipping and Insurance Policy

We have a very clear policy on shipping and insurance – this is to ensure that everybody receives their orders as quickly as possible, or compensation if anything is lost. Our shipping and insurance exist to make sure that our customers receive their orders in a timely manner.