Choose the Right Grade of Olive Oil for A Healthier Lifestyle

Scientist in the Lab
Scientist in the Lab.

Choose the Right Grade of Olive Oil for A Healthier Lifestyle

Increase Your Polyphenol Intake with Extra Virgin Olive Oils

What are polyphenols and why should we include Extra Virgin Olive Oils into our diets?

• Polyphenols are micronutrients found in plant-based foods, including some Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs).
• Scientific research has linked these micronutrients in EVOOs with numerous health benefits, including combatting neurogenerative diseases and even cancer.
• It’s a much better alternative to using food supplements or medicinal avenues.

But the question remains; why use Extra Virgin Olive Oils specifically?

The Grades of Olive Oils

There are various grades of Olive Oil available on the market, and each has different benefits. We’ve done some research and prepared a list of the grades (and their benefits) for your convenience.

Natural Olive Oils

1. High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• The highest grade of Olive Oil
• Produced from early harvest olives
• Has no sensory defects
• High quality and almost no processing
• Not filtered
• Very high in natural antioxidants and polyphenols

Bottles of Olive Oil
Bottles of Olive Oil

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Very high grade of Olive Oil
• The highest grade of Olive Oil
• Produced from the fresh juice of an olive
• Has no sensory defects
• High quality and minimal processing
• Natural antioxidants, rich in Vitamin E and polyphenols

3. Virgin Olive Oil

• Naturally obtained
• Lower quality than Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Slight defects

4. Lampante Olive Oil

• Naturally obtained
• Unfit for human consumption
• High in defects
• Intended for refinement or technical use

Refined Olive Oils

1. Refined Olive Oil

• Refining process removes most of the natural antioxidants
• Contains trans fats

2. Olive Oil

• Blend of refined and natural Olive Oils
• Low in natural antioxidants
• High levels of trans fats

Olive-Pomace Oils

1. Crude Olive-Pomace

• Intended for refining or technical use
• Not fit for human consumption

2. Refined Olive-Pomace

• Obtained from crude olive-pomace
• Fit for human consumption

3. Olive-Pomace Oil

• Combination of Refined Olive-Pomace and Virgin Olive Oils
• Fit for human consumption

Author Bio
Dimitrios Mourlas is a person devoted to innovative Natural Products that boost health and promote longevity. Founder of G-TEAM and creator of HYPERELEON High Phenolic Olive Oil (

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