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Protein bars 

If you’re trying to lose weight, eating a carefully selected protein bar between meals can help to curb your appetite so that you don’t head for the candy aisle or fill up on high-fat, sodium-packed snacks. Protein bars also can pad your calorie intake if you’re trying to gain weight.

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WonderSlim Low-Carb High Fiber Drink / Supplement Mix – Very Berry (10 Servings/Box) – Low Carb, Sugar Free, Low Calorie, Fat Free

  • High Fiber – 5g per Serving
  • 50% of Daily Vitamin C Value / 10% of Daily Requirement for Folic Acid, Thiamine, Biotin, Manganese, Pantothenic Acid & Magnesium
  • This sugar free berry drink contains Phenylalanine
  • Low Carb Drink – 0g Net Carbs (Net Carbs = Total Carbs – Fiber – Sugar Alcohols)
  • Made in USA

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  • High Protein – 15 grams per Serving
  • 90 Calories per Serving
  • Low Fat – 1 gram per Serving
  • Contains Only 1 gram of Sugar per Serving
  • Low Carb – 6g Net Carbs*
  • Provides 10% DV of Calcium per Serving

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates – Fiber – Sugar Alcohols

Start your day a better way with these hot and surprisingly filling blueberry pancakes. Each serving gives you 15 grams of quality protein to help fuel your busiest day. With only 1 gram of fat and 1 gram of sugar in each low-carb serving, these tasty hot cakes are good breakfast option for virtually any healthy weight loss program

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