Off Grid Coffee

Convenient drip coffee experience that can be enjoyed anywhere. Get it! Single ServeDrip Coffee,Created in BC Delicious and convenient coffee experience that can be enjoyed anywhere.  Perfect for outdoor adventures, van life, travelling, and more. Coffee for Everyone! Each bag contains 15g of Dark roast Arabica ground coffee & Chaga in a stay fresh packet.This uniquely delicious, healthy … Continue reading Off Grid Coffee

Making Nature’s Best Foods Easier to Enjoy. Four Sigmatic!

It all started back in Finland, where saunas outnumber cars and people compete in things like swamp soccer and mobile phone throwing (seriously, we have world championships for this stuff). Shop The 100 most nutrient dense foods We grew up in nature, foraging Chaga in our backyards, and eating all kinds of mushrooms for … Continue reading Making Nature’s Best Foods Easier to Enjoy. Four Sigmatic!

What Is Chaga Tincture?

What is Chaga Tincture Making Tincture Known as an alcoholic derivative, a tincture is prepared from natural plant, or organic substance like herbs, plants or mushrooms. Effective is a tincture’s ability to draw the medicinal components of the same. Typically made with rum or vodka for a clearer beverage, chaga tinctures provide a potent, all-purpose … Continue reading What Is Chaga Tincture?

Chaga Coffee

CANADIAN CHAGA COFFEE  Stimulate Your Life Today! OVERVIEW Enjoy this deep and invigorating coffee Chaga blend. This shockingly good brew has a remarkable health benefits thus making it the ideal coffee drink. Over five years perfecting the perfect combination of coffee,  and Chaga. TASTE Heavy, dark, and rich with a bold roasted flavor. AROMA Earthly … Continue reading Chaga Coffee