Off Grid Coffee

Convenient drip coffee experience that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Single Serve
Drip Coffee,
Created in BC

Delicious and convenient coffee experience that can be enjoyed anywhere.

 Perfect for outdoor adventures, van life, travelling, and more.

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Coffee for Everyone!

Each bag contains 15g of Dark roast Arabica ground coffee & Chaga in a stay fresh packet.

This uniquely delicious, healthy and convenient pour over coffee blend experience that can be enjoyed anywhere.  Perfect for outdoor adventures, office settings, traveling and gifts.

We sell our disposable single serve pour-over drip coffee in sets of 5 for $22.95 CAD or 10 for $42.95. Includes shipping within Canada.
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  1. I love great healthy food. Some things can be expensive, but I found a way to afford what I want with minimal work. I’m a year into being dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free! Check it out!

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