Health Tips:15 Quick Tips to Improve and Protect Your Health

The more rapid pace of this modern life can cause enormous stress and, because of such rushing, we do not have time to take care of ourselves. However, you can follow these practical and small to improve your lifestyle, wellness and health, and pastime: with only 60 seconds. That’s right, nothing more than a minute of your day. Even if you do not follow all of them, including a few in your routine will provide a big difference. And for the better. Check out.

1. Respire fundo

We all have our moments of stress, whether because of work, traffic, or because we do not handle the household chores. In the most difficult times, it is essential to remember that breathing is an effective mechanism of relaxation. Take long, controlled breaths for 60 seconds in stressful or stressful moments, as deep breaths lower blood pressure and produce stress hormones, and thus help lessen anxiety and restlessness.

2. Embrace someone you love
The feeling of a hug is great, and it has been scientifically proven that it can do health good, because it lowers blood pressure and softens the heart rate. Hugging releases dopamine into the body – a natural painkiller that lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. A hug can give you more mental energy and help you overcome obstacles.

3. Laugh and smile!
It is no wonder that to this day everyone says the old saying that laughing is the best medicine. This is one of the best natural painkillers that provides several physiological functions. Dr. William F. Fry of Stanford University in the United States was one of the pioneers in research on the benefits of laughter for health. He proved that laughing for a minute has the same effect on the body as 10 minutes practicing rowing. In addition to burning calories, it still benefits the memory. So if you are feeling depressed, put a smile on your face (even if you do not feel like it) to improve your mood.

4. Eat bittersweet chocolate
Is not it wonderful to know that one of our favorite sweets can do good health? In moderation, of course. Bitter chocolate brings great health benefits because it lowers blood pressure and increases the level of HDL, good cholesterol, while lowering the bad, LDL. Half-bitter chocolate still does the cardiovascular system well, and some research indicates it can prevent diabetes, in addition to keeping the skin looking more beautiful and healthy. To know more benefits of bitter chocolate, click here.

5. Get up whenever you can.
Many of us spend much of our day sitting, whether working, driving, watching TV or even doing other activities. A recent study has shown that spending too much time in this position can cause psychological problems. Another study showed that women who sit for 10 or more hours a day are more at risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease compared to those who spend half their time sitting. Lifting and moving, even for a short period of time, improves circulation significantly.

6. Wash your hands
You may find this too obvious, but this simple task we do during the day can protect your health more than you think. Many people wash their hands before meals and after using the bathroom, but washing them with soap a few times a day can reduce the chances of having a disease up to 20-30%. But remember to keep them well moisturized by using a good moisturizer.

7. Wear your seat belt
This is an action we must all do every day. It only takes a few seconds and saves thousands of lives every year. Think: you are not climbing a mountain or running a marathon, you are simply in the car going somewhere, and this is even more important if there are children in the car. So do not let laziness or lack of attention take hold and wear your belt, even if you walk a few streets in your neighborhood. You will only “spend” about 10 seconds to maintain your life.

8. Include cinnamon for breakfast
Cinnamon has incredible medicinal properties, including the treatment of diabetes, because it lowers blood sugar levels. Cinnamon also helps fight obesity, lowers bad cholesterol levels and helps keep us warm on colder days. Add cinnamon to your breakfast and you will feel the benefits. Put in your yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, or even in your coffee. To know more about its benefits, click here.

9. Wear sunscreenEven if you do not live in a very sunny place, ultraviolet rays are present even on cloudy days, and they are dangerous. This is the number one cause of skin cancer, so if you want to keep your skin safe and healthy, apply sunscreen before you leave the house.

10. Use the stairsIt does not matter if you’re late, if you’re busy or just plain lazy. Many of us simply ignore this good exercise, which is even more for free! After all, the modern world does not give us the possibility to move, because we use the car, public transport and the elevator. So if you are having a sedentary life, leave the elevator aside and opt for the stairs. It will do your health well as it will help burn calories and strengthen muscles and decrease joint pains.

11. Get out of the front of the computer from time to timeIf you work all day on the computer or if you simply enjoy spending hours on the internet, know that it is important to take some breaks, as spending hours looking at the screen is harmful to the eyes. The best method is the “20-60-20”: every 20 minutes, move your eyes away from the screen and look at any other object for 20 seconds. If you can, you can do a short walk through the office or at home.

12. Drink water with lemon Including a slice of lemon in the water you drink, in addition to refreshing, does very well to health. Lemon is a super fruit with excellent detoxifying properties. Ideal for anyone on a weight loss diet. Click here to learn more.

13. Clean your deskNo matter how you keep your desk organized, it will still be covered with germs. Always clean, especially crumbs and leftover food, which are full plate for bacteria to appear on your desk. Spend a good cleaning product on your computer keyboard and mouse, and other items you use frequently, such as a pen.

14. Raise Your FeetLie down next to a wall and raise your legs, leaving your feet horizontal. Doing this for 60 seconds will provide extra energy in your life, more than a 30-second nap. Keep your arms on the floor and take deep, deep breaths. Studies show that this position helps the blood circulate better to the head and chest region.

15. Consume chewing gumResearchers at the University of Swinburne in Australia have found that chewing gum improves alertness and reduces stress. Behavioral professionals recommend chewing gum before an important meeting, a job interview or simply driving. The reason is that the chewing gum makes the brain think we are eating, and associates us with not being afraid, because we are at a safe time.

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