Black Wolf

The Relaunch Today, the fitness scene is plagued by pre-workout broscience. With self-proclaimed gym freaks getting too wired on cheap energy supplements to make it through leg day.As fitness professionals with a passion for healthy living,we decided to create a pre-workout with a difference. A supplement that gives you all the energy, focus andperformance you … Continue reading Black Wolf

NEW Vitamin B12 Extract Now Available!

Organic Vitamin B12 Extract Herbal Goodness is thrilled to announce that our Organic Vitamin B12 Extract is now available for purchase! Vitamin B12 Liquid Supplements is one of a kind supplement that can help your mind and body get extra energy, mental balance, and physical health. Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins to have … Continue reading NEW Vitamin B12 Extract Now Available!

Natural Supplements for Weight Gain — Be Inspired..!!

Only a complete healthy diet promotes good digestion of nutrients by the body, and hence the weight gain. At the same calorie intake should be high enough. No matter what you eat, if calorie intake is less than required, you will never get stout. The norm of daily energy expenditure at rest and during various activities […]Natural … Continue reading Natural Supplements for Weight Gain — Be Inspired..!!

Turmeric Milk is now getting popular in Indian Market as “Turmeric Latte”

Turmeric is one of the oldest and well-known ingredients of Ayurvedic texts and most popular spices of Indian cooking. Turmeric is normally known as Haldi in India, and it has much more to offer. Ancient Ayurveda has always advised that drink Golden milk (Haldi Doodh) on a daily basis to stay fit and live a … Continue reading Turmeric Milk is now getting popular in Indian Market as “Turmeric Latte”

Safe Cooking Temperatures

Using a food thermometer Insert the thermometer through the thickest part of the meat, all the way to the middle, not touching any bone.For burgers, insert food thermometer through the side of the patty.Check each piece separately if you have more than one piece.Use a digital thermometer for more accurate readings. Cooking temperatures chart CategoryTemperatureBeef, … Continue reading Safe Cooking Temperatures