Vigorelle: Gentle, Safe and Sensual

Is there anything more gratifying than amazing sex? You know, the kind that you've been anticipating all day. Maybe there's a strip tease involved. There's a whole lot of touching, and a whole lot of kissing to start.Then things get intense. There's quick breathing and panting. There's moaning, and if you're lucky, and it's really, … Continue reading Vigorelle: Gentle, Safe and Sensual


The race is now on to figure out how CBD produces these anti-cancer effects. Despite a growing number of reports and case studies regarding the cancer-busting properties of cannabis, clinical use of cannabinoids as a treatment for cancer is unlikely to get the green light until scientists can figure out exactly how it interacts with … Continue reading CBD KILLS CANCER CELLS BUT LEAVES HEALTHY CELLS UNTOUCHED

Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

Side Effects and Dosage 1. Boost the Immune System One of the most important effects of the reishi mushroom is that it can boost your immune system . While some details are still uncertain, test-tube studies have shown that reishi can affect the genes in white blood cells, which are critical parts of your immune … Continue reading Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

The Most Important Health Problems.

Why do they matter? When thinking about the most serious health problems, there are several ways of looking at them. For example, you might consider the most common causes of deaththe diseases and conditions of death people worry about the mostthe causes of death that are somewhat unique to where you live. These three lists … Continue reading The Most Important Health Problems.

Coffee on a Diet

Can I Drink Coffee on a Diet? We get this question all the time from our new clients, before we can even start discussing their nutrition plan:  “Can I still have my coffee?!” As you can imagine, most of our clients become joyous when we tell them “yes!!!” We can’t really blame them for their … Continue reading Coffee on a Diet