What is Making Older Adults Brains Age Faster?

Author: zhendos According to a study conducted by researchers from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore, elderly people who sleep less show evidence of rapid decline in their cognitive performance. These findings may act as a foundation for upcoming work related to less sleep and cognitive decline and brain diseases such as dementia. Numerous research conducted … Continue reading What is Making Older Adults Brains Age Faster?


SUMMER 2018 IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER ! And we have the hottest quick tip to get your summer body in shape and on point! Yep; that's right all the way super on point!  15 Minute Jump rope routine No wonder all of the boxers use this free source of body power and get right! The … Continue reading SUMMER WORK OUT PLAN ALL SUMMER

What does Adrenaline do?

What does Adrenaline do to Your Body? Have your ever felt that exhilarating rush, you know that sensation when you feel all tingly throughout your body, you breathe deeply, your mind gains clarity and you just know that you’re ready. Whether you’re ready to run like the runner at the battle of Marathon, or ready … Continue reading What does Adrenaline do?

Common Problems for Runners:

3 Breathing Techniques You Should Try   It suffices to say that exercise is one of the most important things for your health. Taking care of your body can help you in countless ways, but most importantly, it keeps you healthy both physically and mentally and it can help you with quite a lot of … Continue reading Common Problems for Runners:

4 Fat-Burning

Barre Exercises You Can Do at Home   Weight Loss: When I began doing this exercise I hated it. I couldn’t do more than two or three at a time without taking 15-20 seconds of rest before attempting another set. But burpees are one of the best exercises out there: You work your upper body, … Continue reading 4 Fat-Burning