Healthy Living for Every Day

Here's what you need to know about your health. More Tips Nutrition for Healthy Living Nutrition is important for healthy living. Do you eat impulsively on the run? Do you choose fast food, snacks or whatever is close at hand? When it comes to nutrition, we as a nation tend to grab onto one nutrition … Continue reading Healthy Living for Every Day

A Simple Exercise Program

Break It Up Into Tinier Components.  Instead of ignoring exercise altogether, here’s a suggestion for integrating it into your busy schedule.  Think of exercise like you think of a major task in the office.  Break it up into tinier components.  Instead of spending two hours in the gym or in the tennis court like your … Continue reading A Simple Exercise Program

Fit as you should be for your age?

Exercise won't just help you maintain a healthy weight, it could be the single most important step you can take for your mental and physical health, and the best way possible to keep the effects of ageing under control. Exercise can reduce your risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes and some cancers by up to … Continue reading Fit as you should be for your age?

Improve Functional Strength?

  A Best Way to Improve Functional Strength?   by Ryan Halvorson Making News A popular goal among weightlifters and exercise enthusiasts is to improve functional strength training—that is, to produce higher-quality movements with less effort. A new study from Loughborough University in England may have determined a best practice for doing just that. The very small study … Continue reading Improve Functional Strength?