Turning You Into A Fitness Buff!

Turning You into a Fitness Buff!

After going through the assessment phase, you’re probably experiencing what some people fondly call a “rude awakening”.

If you’re not mentally prepared to accept exercise, please don’t force yourself.  Just be familiar with its benefits and when you’re wholeheartedly disposed towards giving it a crack in the can, proceed slowly.  “Slowly but surely” is the exercise cult’s favorite slogan.


Slowly but Surely…



In fact “slowly but surely” was probably what motivated Denise Austin to come up with her popular one-minute exercises (more on this in a later section).[1] She had two types of people in mind when she designed the one-minute movements:


People on the go.


It’s a quickie society we live in; we want everything quick – especially exercise! – and many converts would be willing to include it in their routine for the sake of health, if there were a quick way to get in, and certainly a quick to get out.


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